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4 Mar 2014

Online Reputation Management for Local B2B Businesses

Online reputation managementLocal B2B businesses often face an uphill climb. You’re competing with regional and perhaps even global brands in your industry, and trying to take advantage of local business opportunities without limiting your reach.

Instead of looking at online reputation management as a constant battle between going bigger and staying small, use these three tips to manage your online reputation with confidence.

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6 Feb 2014

Trouble Recruiting? Turn to Your Internet Presence For Help

Hiring managers reviewing resumesYou’re in business because you provide the best products and services to your customers. So when it comes time to expand your business, of course you only consider the best candidates!

Unfortunately, all businesses struggle with recruitment at some point in the growth process. It’s tough to find the right people with the right skills at the right time! But did you know there’s something you can do to increase your access to high quality new hires? The secret is in your own website.

Your website, social media, and company blog can all be recruitment tools to help you find the right job candidates for your business.

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31 Oct 2013

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn Sponsored UpdatesWho says B2B companies can’t use social media to generate leads? If you’re an intermediate LinkedIn user, I would encourage you to look into LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.  Note: If you’re a Linkedin beginner, you should probably become more familiar with it before trying Sponsored Updates, because I’m a firm believer in trying something only after you’re familiar with it. You might want to read our 32-page eBook on enhancing your internet presence with social media before you act on the advice in this blog post.

So what’s the big deal about LinkedIn Sponsored Updates?

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9 Oct 2013

Clever Social Media Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show

Trade show exhibit social mediaIn my daily reading, I came across a blog post on the MarketingProfs website called “A Guide to Using Social Media at Tradeshows.” There’s some good advice there about how companies can start using social media to make the most of the dollars they’re spending on trade shows.  It got me thinking: Are there any clever, cutting-edge, out-of-the-norm techniques that brands might be able to use to build awareness before, during and after trade shows?

Here’s what I came up with.  Keep in mind that some of these are somewhat non-conventional.  Can you use any of these for your next trade show?

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26 Sep 2013

The Secret To Making Your Press Release Interesting To Your Website Visitors

Ho hum press releaseLet’s be honest, your prospective customers don’t want to read press releases.  Think about the last press release you read.  Odds are it was pretty dull and sounded almost robotic.

Press releases are written in a style that is meant to inform as efficiently as possible.  This is great for helping media outlets quickly understand the gist of what your new product or service is about, but not so great for communicating with prospective customers in an approachable way and in a context that they’ll find valuable.

When you have a new announcement that warrants a press release, think about how you should promote the news on your site.  Rather than just posting the press release to your news section, give some thought around what the news really means to your customers.

Instead of putting your press release verbatim on your blog in the typical press release format, here are a few steps to crafting an impactful blog post around press releases.

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12 Dec 2012

Why Photography is an Important Consideration for Your Website Redesign

Taking a photo

If you’re using a camera like this to take photos for your website, it’s time to get serious.

Ask any web designer and they’ll tell you that the visual quality of a website is heavily dependent on great photography.

It’s true, great photography helps to tell your website visitors what you do, what your products are like, use cases for products or services, and can even help inform website visitors about your staff and office.

Photography should, without a doubt, be an important consideration for your website redesign.  Here are some common objections we hear when we recommend new photography for websites.  Have you ever said these things?

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