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Stafford County, Virginia Economic Development website launches


The last month has brought a couple of website launches, and we’re excited to announce the launch of another economic development website!

Our latest project was a website redesign for Stafford County, Virginia Economic Development.

Stafford County, Virginia economic development homepage

Stafford County Economic Development’s old website had a dated look, and data was outdated and incomplete.  The website also had a mash-up of economic development and tourism information; there was no clear focus.

The economic development group wanted a new website with a modern, progressive design, updated and expanded data and a better experience for website visitors.

The new Stafford County Economic Development website boasts a fresh design with a rich color scheme, compelling graphics and photography.

Tourism content has been moved to a separate, dedicated tourism website.

New features of the Stafford Economic Development website include a custom report/proposal builder; expanded/updated information about the county; a real estate listing system that pulls data from Virginia’s economic development real estate system and integrates the data seamlessly with the County GIS system; a “featured development areas” section with maps and document downloads; and a news publishing system.

Stafford County, Virginia website on a mobile deviceAdditionally, the website is mobile-friendly, and automatically reformats itself to maintain usability and readability on tablets and smartphones.

Visit the website at

You can see a “before and after” photo and get an in-depth review of Stafford County Economic Development’s website redesign by reading the news release on

Posted 2012-04-23 10:59:20

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