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Concierge Medical Practice Marketing

Concierge medical practice increases leads online by 3,479%

Our client, a concierge medical practice, offers private (membership) medical services to its patients. By spending more time with patients, 24/7 access to a physician, same day appointments and wellness programs meant to manage risk factors for disease, our client has become a leader in private medicine in their metropolitan market.

Before working with Whittington Consulting starting in June 2015, the practice found its new members the traditional way -- through word of mouth referrals and by sending lots of direct mail. They weren’t seeing the growth they needed due to enhanced competition, and saw inbound marketing as a new approach to generate leads and convert customers.

The practice launched a new website in 2015 with the intention of earning new members online, and even though the website was modern and attractive, they knew more would be needed to get new signups.

The practice approached Whittington Consulting for a business analysis and review in early 2015. After looking at some baseline analytics and though a goal setting process, we showed them what an inbound marketing strategy that would help them achieve their goals would look like.

Content Marketing

In June, 2015, we started working with the practice with the expressed goals of increasing traffic and leads. By conducting some audience research and talking to their membership development team, a content marketing strategy started to get clarity. Quarterly, we would give them a roadmap for their content marketing strategy, including blog post titles and lead generation content.

The content marketing plan would continue indefinitely, knowing that over time, they would amass a content library that prospective members would find helpful, and would continue to generate leads well into the future. The more articles and content was written and published on their website, the more leads the practice would get.

We worked with their subject matter experts -- the physicians themselves -- to create blog articles and downloadable e-books that were published on their website in order to increase their exposure for common internet searches, and ultimately generate leads for their membership development team.

Content creation efforts were focused on developing information that would help potential members see the value in a membership-based medical service. We published “Understanding Concierge Medicine And If It’s Right For You,” a PDF e-book. To gain access to the PDF, visitors to their website have to fill out a basic form with their name, email and basic information.

Since being published, the e-book has earned the company over 1,000 new contacts, and the practice’s content library includes many other titles that have generated hundreds of new sales leads.

To build awareness and increase visibility for Google searches, we created articles like, “How Long Do Antibiotics Take to Work on Sinus Infections?,” “Age Well and Live to 100: Advice from a Physician,” and “Allergies at Night: Why Do I Sneeze More at Bedtime?”

Publishing blog articles on a regular basis has had a profound effect on website traffic, as you’ll read in the results section below.

HubSpot Ties Results to Digital Activities

Along with content marketing services, the practice made an investment in HubSpot, which we used to publish landing pages and forms for their website to collect leads, calls to action to encourage visitors to take the next step on web pages, and the blogging tool to optimize and publish new posts.

We also worked with the practice’s membership development team to integrate Salesforce with HubSpot, which gives them visibility into the number of members they are signing up each month and how many originate from their inbound marketing efforts.

By having this software integration, the practice can determine return on their marketing investment, while our strategists can see which aspects of the campaign are having the biggest impact on sales and revenue.

So no new membership opportunity goes uncovered, we use HubSpot’s marketing automation to send follow-up email based on the contact’s geographic location, and also use workflows to notify membership development team members when a sales action occurs (such as a download, website re-visit, etc.).

Amplifying Results with Paid Search and Social

HubSpot’s “Ads” module has enabled us to run paid advertising campaigns for our client and tie results to campaigns we’re running in HubSpot. Over the course of our relationship with this practice, we’ve run paid advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook to increase awareness and generate leads. Using geographic behavioral, interest-based and demographic targeting, we’re able to find their audience where they hang out online and advertise to them. This practice has generated many more leads that the company would have otherwise seen.

We use the advertising to lead people to e-books that require some basic information. These contacts don’t sign up for membership right away, but we’re able to automate educational information to answer their questions, and over time, gain new memberships or office tours when the contact is educated and comfortable with membership.

Inbound Marketing Results

In our first full month with this concierge medical practice, they experienced the following results from digital efforts:

  • 6,252 total website visits
  • 2,327 visits from organic search results
  • 5 total leads/contacts from their website

By the end of 2017, the practice saw the following results from all of their inbound marketing efforts:

  • 22,101 monthly website visits (an increase of 253.5% over our first month working for the client)
  • 16,463 monthly visits from organic search results (an increase of 607.4% over our first month working for the client)
  • 132 leads/contacts from their website (an increase of 2,540% over our first month working for the client)

Results have continued to increase even after December 2017. In February 2018, the practice experienced the following results from all inbound marketing efforts:

    • 28,889 monthly website visits (an increase of 30.7% over December 2017 and an increase of 362% over our first month working for the client)
    • 20,530 monthly visits from organic search results (an increase of 24.7% over December 2017 and an increase of 782.2% over our first month working for the client)
    • 179 leads/contacts from their website (an increase of 35.6% over December 2017 and an increase of 3,479.9% over our first month working for the client)
    • Facebook campaigns we manage generated 76 leads in February 2018
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