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Email Marketing

Frequently misunderstood and often misused, email is actually one of the most valuable tools in a marketer’s arsenal.

About eight out of 10 emails are spam, and let’s be honest… Because of them, email marketing has been tarnished with a bad name.

And that’s a shame, because frankly email works like nothing else. One study estimates email marketing ROI at a staggering 4,300%. That’s about $44 dollars for every dollar spent.

Forget about spam — readers love relevant email from companies they’re considering doing business with. Indeed, three-quarters of respondents in one recent survey said they actually preferred to receive commercial communications by email.

And when you consider that nearly half of consumers made at least one purchase last year because of a promotional message they received in their inbox, you can see how the ROI quickly adds up. It’s simple — drip marketing sequences and trigger conditions that deliver timely, relevant content to your ideal customers increase sales. Period.

If you’ve been wondering how to optimize your email campaigns to be more relevant or to win more business, we can help. From list building, to list management and segmentation, to lead nurturing, we’ll take your email campaigns from after-thought to exceptional — and deliver you the results to show for it.

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