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Do B2B Buyers Really Fill Out Web Forms to Download Content?

Do B2B Buyers Really Fill Out Web Forms to Download Content?At this point, you’ve probably heard from many sources about the usefulness of forms on your website. They’re great for collecting information, and they don’t force your visitors to reach you by phone call or email. Great, right?

Maybe you have a form on your contact page, but haven’t added forms on landing pages. Or maybe you haven’t been totally convinced of the usefulness of forms on a B2B site anywhere. Buyers don’t download things from your website, do they? I’m here to tell you that buyers really do fill out forms to download content they find useful.

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5 Simple Steps To Better Medical Practice Marketing Online

5 Simple Steps To Better Medical Practice Marketing OnlineWhen it comes to running and growing a successful business, medical practices have it tough. They face the challenges of large companies in the form of special legal conditions, compliance requirements and regulations. They also face the challenges of a small business in the form of location-based patient acquisition and retention.

But at least there’s some good news: the right approach to medical practice marketing could help you break through your current challenges and maintain a healthy flux of new and returning patients.

Most medical practices rely on the provider’s personal brand and name recognition to bring in new patients. As they expand their team of doctors, they hope to bring on more and more prestigious and reputable providers and grow the practice with this organic interest.

But what forward-thinking practices are beginning to understand is that while the provider’s brand is important, it’s also necessary to brand the practice. Your practice’s brand is what attracts new customers (and new providers) to your practice. And you can build and promote that brand with the right kind of medical practice marketing.

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Connect Your Content Marketing: Let Your Blog Guide Your B2B Social Media Efforts

Connect Your Content Marketing: Let Your Blog Guide Your B2B Social Media EffortsTackling social media for your company can feel overwhelming. It’s hard to know when to do what. Is it too much? Is it too little? And, unfortunately, the answer for most businesses is often to do nothing.

If you’re considering B2B social media pros and cons in general, then you need to stick social media firmly in the pros column. While even we used to be social media skeptics, there’s no denying the power of social media in conjunction with an inbound marketing strategy. SocialTimes projects that social media marketing budgets are will double in the next five years, and 80 percent of B2B marketers plan reported to AdAge that they plan to increase digital spending next year.

Do you need to stick to a schedule of 5+ social media posts per day? Not necessarily. That might be too much — or too little — for your audience and industry. The right frequency for your business depends on the other pieces of your inbound marketing strategy.

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Six Must-Haves in Your Website Redesign Budget

Six Must-Haves in Your Website Redesign BudgetWhen it comes to website redesign budgets, they can be all over the board. According to HubSpot’s The Science of Website Redesign, the average cost of a website redesign is just over $38,000.

If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website redesign, you should know what’s included.  It’s also helpful if you plan to be more frugal with your website redesign to know what you can cut and what you have to include.

Here are six things you definitely want to include in your budget to make your redesign process as successful as possible.

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