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First Look: The HubSpot Sales Platform

First Look: The HubSpot Sales PlatformHubSpot always puts on a great conference at INBOUND, and this year is no different.  During his keynote today, CEO Brian Halligan announced a game-changing new feature of HubSpot – the HubSpot Sales Platform.

One of the hot topics in marketing and sales today is the alignment of the two teams within the organization. There are no tools that truly integrate marketing functions and sales functions – until now.

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7 of the Best SlideShares on B2B Marketing

7 of the Best SlideShares on B2B MarketingSlideshare is a great way to share visual content, presentations, or even videos. By condensing your other content like ebooks or blog posts into slides, you can create a more visual piece of content to promote.

The presentation sharing site has been around since 2006 and was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. There are more than 15 million presentations on the site about a variety of topics.

The number one topic on SlideShare is Business and Management with the top three most searched keywords being “marketing” “social media” and “Facebook.” This indicates a lot of potential for B2B marketers to post and promote content on the presentation sharing site.

I’ve pulled out a few recent presentations that do a great job explaining various topics to B2B marketers.

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Staying Power: The Lifespan of a Blog Post

Staying Power: The Lifespan of a Blog PostAt our office, we spend a decent amount of time reviewing our efforts to examine what works and what isn’t seeing the success we’d hoped for.

Last week, we looked into one client’s recent website leads and discovered something exciting. Content we had written more than 10 months ago was still ranking in the top 5 search results for certain targeted long-tailed keywords. This particular blog post earned our client a highly qualified lead who reached out to request a price quote.

All of this excitement had us wondering, what is the lifespan of any one particular blog post?

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Why Search Marketing is Vital to B2B Companies Looking to Attract New Customers

Why Search Marketing is Vital to B2B Companies Looking to Attract New CustomersMore and more, customers are starting the buying process with a search on the web. According to GE Capital’s Annual Shopper Study, 81% of consumers start the purchase process by looking for answers online.

These consumers are searching for answers every step of the way – from home before making a purchase and in the store to compare products.

While this sounds like an issue that would only concern B2C companies, it’s also essential for prospects to be able to find your B2B solutions while researching their options online.

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