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Save Your Company from Content Marketing Burnout

Save Your Company from Content Marketing BurnoutWhen LinkedIn opened its publishing platform in early 2014, no one could have anticipated that it would soon reach 7,000 posts per day. But it did! And the site’s level of activity lead many companies to be concerned about the amount of content they release and whether or not they should push themselves to release more.

Unfortunately, this kind of “more is better” reasoning often leads to content marketing burnout. And far from increasing website traffic and generating business leads, working too hard to deliver too much content can actually damage your brand.

Here are two important things to keep in mind when developing your company’s content marketing strategy.

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Do B2B Buyers Really Fill Out Web Forms to Download Content?

Do B2B Buyers Really Fill Out Web Forms to Download Content?At this point, you’ve probably heard from many sources about the usefulness of forms on your website. They’re great for collecting information, and they don’t force your visitors to reach you by phone call or email. Great, right?

Maybe you have a form on your contact page, but haven’t added forms on landing pages. Or maybe you haven’t been totally convinced of the usefulness of forms on a B2B site anywhere. Buyers don’t download things from your website, do they? I’m here to tell you that buyers really do fill out forms to download content they find useful.

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5 Simple Steps To Better Medical Practice Marketing Online

5 Simple Steps To Better Medical Practice Marketing OnlineWhen it comes to running and growing a successful business, medical practices have it tough. They face the challenges of large companies in the form of special legal conditions, compliance requirements and regulations. They also face the challenges of a small business in the form of location-based patient acquisition and retention.

But at least there’s some good news: the right approach to medical practice marketing could help you break through your current challenges and maintain a healthy flux of new and returning patients.

Most medical practices rely on the provider’s personal brand and name recognition to bring in new patients. As they expand their team of doctors, they hope to bring on more and more prestigious and reputable providers and grow the practice with this organic interest.

But what forward-thinking practices are beginning to understand is that while the provider’s brand is important, it’s also necessary to brand the practice. Your practice’s brand is what attracts new customers (and new providers) to your practice. And you can build and promote that brand with the right kind of medical practice marketing.

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