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Six Must-Haves in Your Website Redesign Budget

Six Must-Haves in Your Website Redesign BudgetWhen it comes to website redesign budgets, they can be all over the board. According to HubSpot’s The Science of Website Redesign, the average cost of a website redesign is just over $38,000.

If you’re going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a website redesign, you should know what’s included.  It’s also helpful if you plan to be more frugal with your website redesign to know what you can cut and what you have to include.

Here are six things you definitely want to include in your budget to make your redesign process as successful as possible.

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What to Do When Your B2B Video Marketing Doesn’t Go Viral

What to Do When Your B2B Video Marketing Doesn't Go ViralWith so many reasons to get into video marketing, it’s no surprise that nearly three in four B2B marketers plan to increase their use of original marketing videos.

Unfortunately, many businesses create fantastic, on-topic videos… only to be disappointed when the viewership doesn’t launch them to the front page of Buzz Feed.

It’s important to understand that investing time and energy into B2B video marketing won’t necessarily lead to your videos going viral. The videos you create don’t have a wide appeal because they are targeted to a particular prospects. Therefore, getting as many eyes on that video as possible it’s as important as getting the right eyes on that video.

In an effort to help the right people access and enjoy your content, here are four ways to repurpose your B2B video marketing efforts to get even more attention.

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Tips to Boost Team Communication and Productivity

Tips to Boost Team Communication and ProductivityYour sales and marketing teams should fit together like hand and glove, although at times this can seem like a challenge. Each group has their own agenda: sales, to sell your product and earn commissions, and marketing, to effectively promote that product. Even though they’re on different teams, everyone involved is reaching for the same goal: for the company to be successful. That’s the bottom line to keep in mind.

That being said, sales and marketing departments may still have challenges to overcome when it comes to communication, productivity and working effectively together. Here are some tips to improve those crucial elements of your business in order for you to realize the success you’re seeking.

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First Look: The HubSpot Sales Platform

First Look: The HubSpot Sales PlatformHubSpot always puts on a great conference at INBOUND, and this year is no different.  During his keynote today, CEO Brian Halligan announced a game-changing new feature of HubSpot – the HubSpot Sales Platform.

One of the hot topics in marketing and sales today is the alignment of the two teams within the organization. There are no tools that truly integrate marketing functions and sales functions – until now.

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