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How to Get Started With Inbound Marketing

How to Get Started With Inbound MarketingIf you’re thinking about how to get started with inbound marketing, you may not know exactly where to begin. Endless online resources say that you should blog, research keywords, write whitepapers, buy marketing automation software, and more – but where should you begin?

Instead of randomly blogging about various industry topics and creating content without a purpose, you’ll need a focused marketing campaign.  A campaign with coordinated parts and that speak to your ideal customer.

Follow these steps to get started off on the right foot with your inbound marketing campaign.

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Keep Up With Your Manufacturing Company Blog to Bring In More Prospects

Keep Up With Your Manufacturing Company Blog to Bring In More ProspectsWhen it comes to blogging, manufacturing companies often face a common but frustrating problem:

What, exactly, is there to blog about?

The common perception is that blogs feature fun, zippy company updates and PR fluff. So where does a more serious, thoughtful company blog fit in?

Unfortunately, this line of thinking often pushes companies to the opposite end of the spectrum. The result is that they deliver boring, technical blog posts that don’t entice their target customers. The real power behind a prospect-friendly blog lies somewhere in the middle.

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3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video for B2B Lead Generation

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video for B2B Lead GenerationWhen you engage a potential customer with video, you create a visual relationship with them. They’re able to get a sense for who you are, how you speak, and how you provide value to your customers. And when done correctly, it can do a better job of communicating value than a blog post or a standard, run-of-the-mill website.

We’ve already busted a few myths about video for B2B lead generation, but few companies understand why video could be such a good fit with their other content marketing efforts. Here are three reasons it’s time to consider it.

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Best Inbound Marketing Tactics to Revolutionize Your Traditional Marketing

Best Inbound Marketing Tactics to Revolutionize Your Traditional MarketingMany marketers see inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing as a cut and dry choice they need to make. They believe they have to choose one or the other, and stick to it in order to see the best results.

If you’re doing traditional marketing tactics like cold calling and buying email lists, you could revolutionize your efforts (and get better response) by tying in some inbound marketing tactics. One big change that could transform your marketing is offering your target prospects useful content instead of simply product, company or brand advertisements.

Here are a few tips for doing outbound marketing in an inbound way.

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Facebook for B2B: Could It Be Your Cup of Tea?

Facebook for B2B: Could It Be Your Cup of Tea?Today’s blog post is written by Ivan Serrano, a journalist from San Jose, California. He focuses on business, social media and marketing when writing, and photography and sports during his free time.

Who in their right mind would consider Facebook for B2B? The answer to that question may surprise you. Some of the brands successfully using Facebook for B2B marketing are large multinational corporations that most B2B marketers would never associate with Facebook. And yet they are there and they are leveraging the Facebook experience to their advantage. A few of the brands you can find finding success on Facebook include the likes of Maersk, the Danish shipping company, SAP, the European multinational software company, AGCO, the global agriculture manufacturing company, Screwfix, the UK-based multi-channel supplier of trade tools and hardware products.

All these companies are using Facebook to increase both revenue and customer engagement, both of which are KPIs for growth. What are they doing right in the face of such prevalent negative opinions about the suitability of Facebook for B2B? First, let’s look at the how, then let’s look at the why, and finally, at what it takes for a B2B firm to be successful on Facebook.

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Your B2B Content Marketing May Be Working Better Than You Think

Your B2B Content Marketing May Be Working Better Than You ThinkFor B2B companies, content marketing is still on the rise. In Content Marketing Institute’s most recent benchmark report for the US, they noted that the number of marketers using a content marketing strategy has risen yet again last year – up to 93% of all B2B marketers.

If you’re one of these marketers who’s already doing all the right things – blog posts, premium content, calls to action, etc. – why is your strategy not working?

eMarketer delved into a few reasons reasons that your B2B content strategy may not be working, and it isn’t always because you’re creating the wrong content. Your content strategy could be working in your favor, and you may just be looking for success in the wrong places.

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