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5 Statistics About B2B Demand Generation with Social Media That You Need to Know

5 Statistics About B2B Demand Generation with Social Media That You Need to KnowGenerating more leads is a B2B marketer’s biggest challenge, with 61% of marketers ranking it as their top issue in 2013.

With dozens of different B2B demand generation tactics, how do you decide which strategy is worth your time?

B2B marketers use an average of 13 different marketing techniques, social media being the most frequently used. 87% of B2B marketers put forth some sort of effort on social media last year, indicating that most marketers understand the value of social sites.

Here’s a few more social media statistics you need to know, and what they mean to your business.

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The Experts Guide to Repurposing Content For Your B2B Blog

The Experts Guide to Repurposing Content For Your B2B BlogDid you write an awesome blog post that just didn’t get the traffic it deserved? Or maybe you wrote a piece that was a big hit on social media and deserves a second debut?

Repurposing content is a great way to make sure your ideas get the love they deserve and that you reach every potential corner of your target audience.

This isn’t simply writing another social media post for your recent blog post – repurposing content generally means taking your content and reposting on a different medium.

Utilizing previously written content can help you when you struggle to publish as many blog posts as you’d like. It’s the perfect solution for writer’s block.

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10 Minutes To Posting and Responding to LinkedIn Industry Groups Like a Pro

10 Minutes To Posting and Responding to LinkedIn Industry Groups Like a ProRecently we made the case for engaging in LinkedIn groups, but we left out an important part of the process.

Even with a tight LinkedIn profile and access to all the right groups, it still might seem like it’s a major time investment to log on, engage, and comment within those groups.

Since you know that engaging with LinkedIn industry groups is worth the investment, we’re here to give you one less excuse: you can post and respond to LinkedIn industry groups like a pro in less than ten minutes. Here’s how:

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Does Outsourcing Website Copy Mean Losing Control?

Does Outsourcing Website Copy Mean Losing Control?There are a number of important steps in the process of building a custom website redesign.

Not the least of these steps is writing and rewriting your website copy.

Effective, targeted website copy is vital for your SEO efforts, but it is also essential to telling a compelling brand story.

That’s why many companies are faced with a common stressor: the desire to outsource your website copy to a professional marketing firm, while having the fear of losing control of your website copy in the process.

But here’s the rub: contrary to how it might feel, outsourcing website copy actually allows you to gain more control over the content on your website. In fact, the only copy you don’t have control over is the copy you scratch out in a hurry.

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B2B Healthcare Marketing by the Numbers

B2B Healthcare Marketing by the NumbersHealthcare marketing is as different from general marketing as the healthcare industry is from the general “business world.”

The customers you’re courting are completely unique, with specialized educations, needs, and problems that you need to understand if you are to market to them successfully.

Effective B2B healthcare marketing needs to approach these clients and this industry differently, and we’ve got the statistics to prove it.

Here’s a look at the unique statistics your company needs to understand in order to implement effective B2B healthcare marketing strategies.

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