Inbound Marketing Strategies

Working harder than ever on your marketing efforts, but still falling short? Try inbound marketing — the Whittington way.

We know how it can feel when you’re doing digital marketing on your own. You want to integrate all of your marketing tactics together and be able to actually measure your impact on sales. But it can be a challenge to decipher which strategies will give the best business results. And even if you generate more leads, they may not equate to more customers if they’re not the right prospects in the first place. You need a strategic inbound marketing partner who takes a holistic view. We work systematically with your business, sales and marketing goals. Because it’s not enough to simply grow traffic or likes: your marketing has to deliver actual sales.

With the right inbound strategy, you can build a comprehensive marketing approach; winning more new business from fewer leads with less effort. We integrate with your team and bring our marketing, sales and technical expertise to the table to turn your marketing efforts and website into a 24/7 lead engine. Are you ready to work smarter?

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Advantages of Our Strategic Inbound Marketing:


Get your marketing message in front of more good-fit buyers


Give your prospects the helpful information they’re seeking -- and generate warm leads from it


Streamline your efforts based on our recommendations from a channel-by-channel assessment


Tie marketing to sales results with thoughtful analysis that paints a bigger picture; not just data dumps


Arm your salespeople with critical prospect background to close more customers


Finally align sales and marketing across the buyer’s journey - we’ll be your bridge



The Benefits of Inbound Marketing


Create a reliable, measurable, predictable source of warm leads


Ensure your platforms work together to deliver the most qualified leads


Enhance your entire sales funnel


Arm your sales team with tools and insights to improve close rates


Simplify and speed your implementation while gathering valuable data with HubSpot


Deliver crucial context for your sales reps


Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry


Bring a strategic yet hands-on partner into your team

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing Alignment Isn’t Just Nice to Have

One of the most critical things a marketer can do is get in sync with the sales team—according to MarketingProfs, better alignment between sales and marketing delivers 38% higher win rates and 36% better customer retention. But this is often easier said than done. We’ve seen it many times. Here are some clues that you might need better alignment in your company:

  • Marketing is generating warm leads, but they’re going cold in a vacuum
  • There’s no easy way to tell how much revenue was influenced by marketing
  • The sales team feels unsupported, or complains that leads aren’t qualified
  • You can’t follow a lead through the funnel from identification to close
  • Your buyer journeys and/or buyer profiles aren’t clearly defined
  • Your sales and marketing teams aren’t giving feedback to each other regularly

How We Can Help

You may have tried inbound marketing before, but without a strong focus on how sales and marketing need to collaborate, you just won’t see the type of ROI you want. We understand how marketing and sales should work together to identify, nurture and close a qualified lead in today’s challenging marketplace, where 70% of the buying decision happens before a salesperson even gets involved.

We’ll bring your marketing and sales functions together. We focus on building the foundation that makes this happen:

  • Creating detailed, targeted buyer personas
  • Mapping your content strategy to your buyer’s journey
  • Defining your integrated marketing funnel

Your account strategist will meet with your internal teams to identify gaps in your process and can even act as the bridge between those teams. We’ll also set up the right reporting so you can finally connect the dots from the first time a lead finds you all the way to when they become a satisfied customer—and beyond.

Our sales enablement services take this a step further, ensuring that you have the right tools and technology—and the right training to get the most from them. We can also develop strategic sales toolkits and ensure that your sales team has everything they need to effectively close a deal once you tee up that warm lead for them.


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Timeline & Process

Channel-By-Channel Analysis: Website, SEO & More

Let us guide you through inbound marketing done the right way, starting with a cohesive strategy and the technology you need to do more with less work, all supported by clear reporting that ties your marketing efforts to sales success.

Month 1

Week 1

Discovery Kickoff client questionnaire & persona surveys

Week 2

Personas Persona & messaging development

Week 3

Audits Competitive landscape & website audits

Week 4

Content strategy Creation of blog & lead generation plan

Month 2

Week 5

Social Media Expanding research using social media

Week 6

Email Marketing Determine effective email strategy

Week 7

Sales Enablement Reporting & lead hand-off planning

Week 8

Launch Delivery of strategic marketing roadmap

Ongoing Execution

Hubspot Management:

  • Email marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • CRM & database management


  • Blog creation & publishing
  • Social media publishing
  • Digital advertising

Account Management:

  • Dedicated digital account strategist
  • Monthly executive summary of results
  • Regular status meetings

Additional Strategy Services:

  • Website updates & optimization
  • Sales enablement
  • Content development


What Does Inbound Marketing Cost?

inbound-marketing-benefits_compressedInbound marketing with Whittington Consulting is a comprehensive approach that aligns your marketing strategy with your business and sales goals, and gives you a way to tie your marketing to actual sales outcomes.

The first two months of our work together focuses on building a strategic roadmap. We also set up HubSpot, our recommended marketing automation software, to connect and centralize everything, automate campaigns and deliver intuitive reporting. We typically charge a flat $15,000 fee for this initial phase. 

Then we’ll start to implement your marketing campaigns, based on the plan set out in your roadmap. The specific activities in this phase vary depending on your plan, but it generally costs between $5,000 and $8,500 per month. A dedicated account strategist guides your program and helps get your sales and marketing functions working together seamlessly.

Finally, HubSpot Marketing and Sales Software starts at $800 per month, depending on the suite of solutions you need. We’ll help determine the best fit for you and your budget.

  • Marketing & content strategy
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Digital paid advertising
  • Website enhancements
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Sales enablement

The cost of an inbound marketing campaign can vary greatly depending on what services are needed. To learn more about what goes into pricing inbound marketing services, we've created an in-depth article that breaks down those factors.


Get the secrets to better B2B lead generation

Discover 5 Ways to Max Out Leads From Your Company's B2B Website

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Case Studies

Great Strategy, Guidance and Results

Gather Workspaces

We engaged Whittington Consulting to help us drive more traffic to our website, turn that traffic into tours, and to measure success. They developed processes and systems to use HubSpot within our daily operations and feed into our sales process. Whittington Consulting was there every step of the way, and always willing to help. They always followed through with everything they said they were going to do. James Crenshaw, Gather Workspaces

$950,000 Increase in Revenue in 12 Months

The COVID-19 pandemic sent corporate real estate into a tailspin. But our inbound marketing efforts delivered a 67% increase in all tours for this multi-location co-working company. We increased active members by 33%, resulting in more than $950,000 in annual revenue directly attributable to our marketing efforts. We also accelerated their pipeline velocity, decreasing the average time spent in key deal stages by a total of 49 days.

  • Achieved a 12x return on investment from inbound marketing
  • Increased tours during COVID-19 pandemic by 149% from paid search
  • 42% increase in tours resulting from Google searches

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Poly Processing

“The Whittington team knows almost as much about the tanks as our own people who talk to the customers. They are an involved partner. They actually do sell tanks for us.” Randy Zimmer, Director of Sales and Marketing

Unlocked 10X Marketing ROI

This company had a thriving offline sales channel, including a robust network of distributors. They were hoping to broaden their reach with digital marketing, but hadn’t had much success in prior attempts. We introduced them to the concept of inbound marketing, designing a cohesive strategy that took into account their business goals. We researched and developed buyer profiles, assessed all possible channels for the best fit, redesigned their website and put together compelling content offers. Today, they have two strong sales channels: their existing distribution network and direct sales, primarily driven by web leads.

  • 10X return on every inbound marketing dollar spent
  • Several hundreds of monthly leads coming from their website
  • A library of lead-generating content and tools

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Get the secrets to better B2B lead generation

Discover 5 Ways to Max Out Leads From Your Company's B2B Website

Download The Guide


Our Clients' Reviews Speak For Themselves

We have been working with Whittington Consulting on a digital marketing strategy and are ramping up execution. They output high quality work in a polite and professional way. We love working with them! testimonial-James-Barrett James Barrett,Tenant Turner

We were struggling with digital marketing and blog creation. Whittington Consulting answered all of our questions and offered the help we needed. Weekly meetings and clear communication was very helpful. I would use them again without hesitation. Great bunch of folks. Gary Coday,Director of Sales

We had a great experience with Whittington Consulting. They were instrumental in migrating and maximizing our CRM, HubSpot. Their explanations were clear and insightful, and their assistance was invaluable. Anytime I had a question, they were so quick to respond. Highly recommend their services for any business looking to streamline their marketing efforts. Tyler Perez Tyler Perez,Marketing Coordinator

The Whittington team is very professional and highly knowledgeable. Their customer service is phenomenal. I highly recommend working with this company! testimonial-Christy-Hall Christy Hall,Gather Workspaces

All the folks at Whittington are so professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We're so glad to have them as a partner. testimonial-Sarah-Cusick-Kalajian-1 Sarah Cusick Kalajian,Credo

Whittington Consulting has been a great resource for our company as we moved to HubSpot. They helped us navigate our data structure, marketing strategy, and were overall very helpful and hands-on with our account setup. I highly recommend them for anything HubSpot related! testimonial-Paul-Rice Paul Rice,eComEngine

Rick and his team have been fantastic to work with. They took time to understand our objectives, delivered on their commitment, and made our launch of HubSpot a success. testimonial-Inga-Goddijn Inga Goddijn,Risk Based Security

Whittington worked on a specific campaign for our ad strategy. The campaign was designed to promote our personal care service line. Our team saw an increase in page traffic and conversions as a result of the paid search campaign. Our Google search ranking also improved. Whittington is highly transparent on whether or not they can accomplish your goals and how they can work on them. They’re not going to take on a project if they don’t feel that they can be helpful with what you want. They are experienced in the senior living services industry, which made the biggest difference. Anonymous,

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