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Your site should be your best salesperson. If yours isn't, it's time for a website redesign.

Your website is the most powerful lead generator you have. It’s your best opportunity to attract, engage and convert new customers as well as learn about prospects. But an off-the-shelf template site will always fall short when it comes to attracting new customers. To reach your growth goals, you need a custom website tailored to those goals and the unique journeys of your visitors and customers. You can’t have “just” a website—you need a digital lead engine aligned to your sales strategy. And that’s exactly what we build.

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Our Expertise is Industry Recognized

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Advantages of a New Website:


Generate millions of dollars in new business


Drive more qualified leads


Equip your sales team with critical context about site users


Guide visitors through your ideal buyer journey


Share useful content with your best prospects and become a trusted advisor

Case Studies

Great Strategy, Guidance and Results

Smith-Midland Website Redesign

UX-Focused Redesign Unifies a Brand

We redesigned the Smith-Midland Corporation and Concrete Safety Systems websites to be more organized, user-friendly, and easier to manage. 

Their bold, modern website designs are unique in the concrete manufacturing industry, feel related to one another, and are enhanced with embedded videos. Website visitors have a clearly defined path to follow, with plenty of opportunities to convert into new sales leads for the company.

Both websites were moved from an older, more cumbersome content management system onto Wordpress, making them user-friendly for anyone to edit.

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Shenandoah Valley Partnership

"They were able to take our existing website and further develop the sitemap, features, and more, in an affordable and timely manner. They have been very responsive to our budget and timeline, and are building the site infrastructure in a way where we can easily expand in the future. Their Senior UX/UI Designer holds me accountable for deadlines and speaks my non-website language, helping me feel comfortable in making decisions." Cari Orebaugh, Shenandoah Valley Partnership

A Website Redesign Based on Data-Driven Insights

After examining how people were using their website, we developed recommendations to address user experience and technical issues. The team at Shenandoah Valley Partnership was so excited by the findings that they hired us to implement them using a phased approach. 

We restructured the organization of information on the website to improve visitor flow and reduce exits. We added calls-to-action throughout the site to drive conversions, moved their featured properties into HTML that could be crawled by search engines, and refreshed design elements on the homepage and interior pages.

After just four months, page views increased by 54% and exit rates decreased by 22% compared to the same period the year prior. 

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Ensure Your Website Is A Sales Tool

Redesigning your website for the right reasons means asking the right questions. Find out exactly you need to ask before you start your website redesign.

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This Inc. 5000 company needed a strategic website that reflected their national presence. We built Spinnaker Consulting Group’s redesigned website on HubSpot to help them generate and track new business and recruit new hires.


This beautiful website for Credo, an expert higher education consulting firm, features integration with HubSpot and Salesforce, and furthers Credo's lead generation and business development efforts.


What Does A Website Redesign Cost

Illustration of a website on a computer screenA well-designed and conversion-focused website will generate enough new business to pay for itself many times over, so the development expense is an investment in your future growth.

Most of our website redesign projects are built on a fixed cost basis, which typically fall in the range of $20,000 and $60,000. We believe you deserve transparency when it comes to pricing, so we take the time to break it all down for you. We’ll hold a pre-project strategy session with you, where we’ll talk through your requirements and price your redesign in sections, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

And to extend your peace of mind beyond the site launch, we offer ongoing hosting and maintenance with nightly backups, should you choose our ongoing maintenance package. Unlike many other agencies, the services we offer don’t stop there. We can partner with you on a digital inbound marketing strategy to drive traffic and leads to your new site, using search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising and more.

Your Website Redesign Includes:

  • UX (user experience) audit with data-driven recommendations
  • Sitemap to evaluate your information architecture
  • Mobile-responsive build
  • User-friendly content management system (CMS)
  • Live & recorded training session for your site admins
  • (optional) HubSpot CRM set-up
Cover image: Complete Guide to Website Redesign Costs

How Much Should Your Company Pay For a New Website?

This comprehensive guide provides an unbiased review of key topics and gives actual cost numbers and factors to consider.

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Timeline & Process

What Should I Expect From Start to Finish?

A typical website redesign takes 3-6 months from start to finish. Our proven 5-step process, guided by our seasoned project manager, delivers the website you want and the results you need.


Project Kick-off

This critical phase sets the entire program up for success. It’s where we’ll define roles and responsibilities, set timelines and agree on goals. With a clearly defined roadmap in place, your website is guaranteed to delight. In our kick-off meeting:

  • Meet key team members
  • Understand stakeholder expectations
  • Set objectives and goals
  • Define technical requirements

Analysis & Research

We’ll use the input from your kick-off to perform a full evaluation, digging into your analytics, reviewing the competitive landscape and creating the framework of your site. This analysis will drive all of the strategic decisions we’ll make for your redesign.

  • Research your competitors
  • Analyze site structure and develop a sitemap
  • Review and interpret your site analytics
  • Research heatmaps of visitor movements and present findings

Site Design

Once your content is complete, we develop page mockups to define how all of the visual elements, from color palettes to fonts to iconography and imagery, will work together to best represent your brand and tell your story.

  • Design your homepage for desktop & mobile
  • Build out key interior pages
  • Each design phase includes: Initial presentation and revisions


We code your site in HubSpot’s CMS Hub or on WordPress,  user-friendly and industry-standard platforms, following the strategic direction set in our earlier phases. Our developers follow SEO and security best practices and ensure the site is fully mobile-responsive, then test it on major browsers and devices prior to launch.

  • Setup your content management system
  • Migrate your content into the site
  • Deliver an interactive test site for review and feedback
  • Test across common browsers and devices

Launch & Beyond

You made it—it’s time to go live! And once the site is launched, we’ll take care of the final details. The thoughtful hand-off of a project is just as important as the kick-off, and we take pride in delivering a cohesive experience from beginning to end.

  • Launch your new site
  • Hand off the site and train your team
  • Scope ongoing maintenance and support, if it makes sense for your needs


The Benefits of a Website Redesign


100% custom designs—never cookie-cutter


Scalable & trusted Wordpress or HubSpot CMS Hub


Easy for anyone to edit without needing to know code


Optimization for search, speed, mobile and today’s tech


Enhanced security, with SSL certs, 24/7 monitoring and nightly backups


Custom integration of CRM tools, marketing automation, chatbots and more


Reliable post-launch support, including hosting, maintenance and upgrades


A 30-day bug fix warranty


Clear, transparent and fair pricing


What It's Like To Work With Us In Their Words

We wanted to move our website to Wordpress, and Whittington Consulting helped us redesign our website. They came out with the design by mimicking our old site and turning it into a 21st-century page in terms of look and feel. They were excellent; it felt like we were always ahead of deadlines. Their interest in developing and understanding our business to the point of going to our facility to see what we do was key to the partnership’s success. Our work became easy because they knew what we wanted. testimonial-mlampson Marshall Lampson,Poly Processing

Whittington Consulting helped us re-platform some of our web properties to HubSpot CMS Hub. I had some trepidation about the process, but Rick and his team put me at ease and did a great job. There was very minimal down time, and the entire process went smoothly. I would recommend Whittington Consulting without reservation! testimonial-keith-bax Keith Bax,Virginia Business Systems

I have enjoyed working with Whittington Consulting. They were able to take our existing website and further develop the site map, update features, etc., in an affordable and timely manner. I also developed a separate website with their team and they have been very responsive and supportive of our budget and timeline needs. They are building the site infrastructure in a way where we can easily expand in the future. testimonial-cari-svp Cari Orebaugh,Shenandoah Valley Partnership

Whittington Consulting designed our website and continues to assist us with SEO. They always provide professional, quality service and promptly respond if we encounter any problems or requests for assistance. They are great to work with! Lyn Goodwin,Jefferson County Economic Development Authority

We've worked with Whittington Consulting on various projects for over a decade. His firm has helped us develop several websites from scratch as well as relaunch our main website three times. They're a terrific partner and always offers solutions to meet the criteria set by the client. testimonial-mivey Michael Ivey,Greater Richmond Partnership

The whole Whittington team really know HubSpot and how to help us build and innovate our website. They're great at training and empowering our team, and they're always there if we need technical help or to walk us through more difficult multi-phased projects. It's awesome to know we can call or email them and they have a team member who can help us anytime. testimonial-Sarah-Cusick-Kalajian Sarah Cusick Kalajian,Credo

At F. Curtis Barry & Company, we really struggled to provide a clear relevant website with helpful information that matched our consulting expertise. Whittington Consulting assisted us with developing a brand new website, and helped bring clarity and structure to our lead generation and nurturing. Without Rick and his team we wouldn't have had the online success over the last 2 years. We have continued to experience 65%+ year over year increases in visitors etc. with their help and guidance. Each team member is extremely experienced and helpful. We never expected them to be as hands on and to take the time to brainstorm with us, based on our other experiences with marketing consultants. There is no doubt that we would recommend them to anyone. proof-brian-barry Brian Barry,F. Curtis Barry & Company

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