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How do your content marketing efforts measure up?

Your customers use the internet to search for information. Make sure your business shows up.

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Marketing as we knew it is losing its effectiveness and content marketing and content strategy have never been more important to the growth of your business. Why? 7 in 10 of your competitors say they’re creating more content than they were a year ago and on average they’re now distributing it in at least a dozen ways. The competition is doing it, so you should be too, right? Not exactly.

First, you need to know your ideal customers well, or at least be prepared to learn about them. Without some deep strategic thinking around the problems your potential customers face, the content they want to consume, and the ways they want to consume it, you’ll only be wasting time, money and energy.

Second, content marketing—the process of attracting customers with the content on your site—takes time and effort. To do it right you need to consistently create and publish content (such as blog posts, industry guides, infographics and videos) that customers actually want; not just what you’re comfortable with publishing. The good news is that looks can be deceiving. It’s not hard. All that’s really needed is the desire to do it well and the dedication to see the process through.

We can help you reap the rewards of a strategic approach to content by unlocking the knowledge that’s latent in your organization and getting it on the web in front of your ideal customer; helping you win new business. By adopting an integrated, targeted approach to content strategy and content marketing, you’ll see increased website traffic, more leads and, ultimately, a lift in sales.

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Before we recommend anything, we always try it on our own company first.  It's no different with content marketing.  Check out the case study we wrote about our own content marketing. We were able to over double website visitors in just 9 months. That's not all. Because we were (and still are) writing for certain audiences, we filled our sales pipeline with some wonderful business opportunities. 

Can we help your company do the same thing?  Here's what we've done for companies like yours:

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