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A coordinated plan is a must for achieving your goals.

Get an inbound marketing roadmap so you see measurable results.

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How It Works

Before you start any inbound marketing program, you need a blueprint to follow so you can intentionally achieve your goals.

We start with a goal setting call where we discuss your business needs. We discuss revenue goals and back into some metrics you'll need to hit in order to achieve those goals. Once we know this, we can plan a blueprint for individual marketing activities.

During the project, we cover and document the following:

  • Detailed profiles of your ideal customers, including marketing messaging and sales objections
  • Brand voice and messaging guidelines
  • Website audit, noting optimization opportunities and SEO opportunities
  • Lead generation strategy for your website
  • Competitive analysis
  • Blog strategy, including actual topics for the first 3 months of the campaign
  • Social media playbook
  • Email promotion strategy
  • Lead management and how to make handoff to sales better for your sales team and for your potential customer

At the end we compile it all into a document and review it with you so you can either execute with your in-house team or hire us to help.

"By working with Whittington Consulting, our investment has absolutely paid off. After a state of sales decline, we’re no longer treading water — our web visits are up 47% over the same period as last year, directly delivering our company huge gains." Brian Barry, President, F. Curtis Barry & Company 

Problems This Service Solves

  • Not knowing where to start with digital marketing
  • Not having a digital blueprint that is designed to positively impact revenue
  • Doing separate marketing activities that are not aligned to achieve a goal

How Much It Costs

Our inbound marketing strategy project costs $15,000.

Some of our clients use this strategy project to plan what their in-house marketing team should do. Others use it as a starting point for working with us to do all of their digital marketing. The reason we make this a one-time project with no commitment is so you can see what it's like to work with us and what you can expect from our expertise and people before making a commitment.

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