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We support clients throughout the entire sales journey – from attracting a right-fit audience and generating high-quality leads to providing sales technology and nurturing customer relationships. You'll sell more of what you do and achieve sustained growth.

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Practicing What We Preach

Getting Started

Whittington Consulting was established in 2007 by Rick Whittington, who started a blog in 2005 to share what he was learning about web design and online marketing. The blog gained popularity and people started asking for help designing their company websites.

Rick contracted with several companies and by 2007, he landed a web design contract with a health insurance company worth twice as much as his salary at his full-time job. This was the turning point for him, and he decided to quit his job and put his full focus on Whittington Consulting.

Since then, the company has expanded its services to include inbound marketing and sales enablement, which helps clients transform their websites into sales engines by building an audience, optimizing their website, and converting leads to customers.

Rick gives a seminar on the buyer journey to a group of business leaders

Growing and Thriving

In 2012, Whittington Consulting became a HubSpot Solutions Partner and has now grown to Platinum status. Modern marketing requires a lot of technical expertise, and we join time-tested digital marketing approaches with marketing technology to help clients solve complex business challenges.

Whittington Consulting helps businesses across the entire sales experience, from attracting potential customers through their website, converting them into sales leads, and empowering sales teams with modern sales technology to be more efficient and successful. We track the entire sales process from website visitor to customer, providing our clients with true return on investment metrics.

We are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive, and would be happy to help yours achieve success as well.

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How We're Different

We support clients throughout the entire sales journey – from attracting a right-fit audience to generating high-quality leads and closing sales – ultimately helping you earn more customers. By building an audience, optimizing your website, and converting leads to customers, your company will create a reliable sales engine that drives growth.

Our approach begins with a business analysis to identify your business goals and assess your web presence. We pinpoint areas to address and improve, then develop a digital strategy action plan to guide the implementation. If you choose, we can handle the entire campaign execution for you, or lead your team in its implementation.

The Whittington Consulting services model

200+ Satisfied Customers

"By working with Whittington Consulting, our investment has absolutely paid off. After a state of sales decline, we’re no longer treading water — our web visits are up 47% over the same period as last year, directly delivering our company huge gains."

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Brian Barry President at F. Curtis Barry & Company

Our Team

Our team has decades of experience in digital marketing and HubSpot implementation.

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