Search engine optimization (SEO)

10 Apr 2014

Can Google Help Potential Customers Pick Your Company?

Can Google Help Potential Customers Pick Your Company?Search engines run the world of online business. It makes sense, then, that businesses are always looking for an edge that will bring in more of that valuable search traffic.

Looking for ways to encourage Google to send more users your way? The answer lies in wooing the powerful search engine using its very own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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17 Dec 2013

The Truth About How Potential Customers are Using Your B2B Website Revealed

People say that the web changes with breakneck speed, and I’d say that’s a reasonably sound assessment.  When I started our company nearly 7 short years ago, blogs were just taking hold. People were using them to share and communicate, but companies were just starting to take notice of how to use blogs to build an audience and how to use their websites to sell.  Now, more than 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes.

So what changed, and why does it matter?

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17 Oct 2013

Business Blogging Case Study: Proof that Blogging Improves Website Traffic

Want to improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO)?  Start a business blog!

Our client, a manufacturer, did, and their website traffic from search engines is up 75%. Let’s take a look at what we did to get those results.

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15 Oct 2013

Basic SEO Best Practices Google Wants Everyone to Know

Google search for search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is a comprehensive web strategy designed to drive search traffic to your website. But did you know there are different things you can do on your website to encourage better traffic?

If you’re feeling rather DIY, here are five SEO best practices from Google that you need to make a priority today.

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25 Sep 2013

Google Changes the SEO Game Again, Secures Search

Kermit the Frog frowns - no search keywords for you, grasshopper!Once again, Google has changed the game. This time, they’ve decided to hide all search keyword data from marketers, making web analytics tools unable to identify which keywords are generating organic search traffic to your website.

Of course, if you’ve been monitoring your SEO keywords for some time, you’ll know that more and more keywords were placed in the “not provided” bucket in Google Analytics. Google has been slowly moving toward securing all data since 2011.

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30 Jul 2013

Guessing at Search Keywords Is a Lot Like Playing Family Feud

On the Family Fued game show

Just like Family Feud, you may think you know what “our survey says,” but you could be totally wrong about keywords.

On the game show Family Feud, host Steve Harvey asks contestants to provide the most popular answer to a survey question that was answered by 100 people.  Inevitably, at some point in each show, Steve calls on a contestant who answers with full confidence, only to find their answer isn’t even on the board.

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