Inbound marketing is rapidly becoming a must for companies that want to find customers through their websites. The concept of interruptive advertisements are quickly losing favor and being set aside to make way for a more in depth inbound marketing strategy. Creating an inbound marketing strategy that is a reliable business generator requires a process, attention, time, and ongoing care.

Let's look at several inbound marketing activities, what they mean, and what their contribution is to an overall inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing activity What it means Its contribution
Persona development Development of fictional characters, or personas, that represent people in your target market. Understanding your target market helps you know what they care about, how they make decisions, where they are and how you should speak to them as a company. This helps your marketing to be more targeted and effective.
Competitive assessment Report that compares your web presence to that of your competitors. Comparing your web presence (website, social, mobile) to your competitors not only informs you about what they are doing, but helps you identify gaps and how aggressive your marketing needs to be to generate more awareness, leads and revenue.
Business blogging Writing 300-800 word "essays" on a single topic that's relevant to your target audience and demonstrates company thought leadership. Attracts qualified website traffic, raise your company's reputation as an expert in your industry.
Content marketing Writing and producing "premium content" like e-books, detailed guides, how-tos, white papers, video. Attracts qualified website traffic, raise your company's reputation as an expert in your industry, and also helps to generate new business leads because this content generally contains answers that your potential customers are seeking.
SEO Search engine optimization; making sure your website is found for a wide variety of web searches on your products, services and industry. Used to drive relevant visitors to your website that are interested in solving a problem that they have.
Social media Posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Slideshare, YouTube, etc. Used almost exclusively to drive traffic to your website, raise awareness of your product or service. Video through YouTube can also be used to generate leads when embedded on your website.
Call to action Buttons or links on your web pages. Help convert visitors to leads by encouraging them to take the next step and set their expectations for what they will see when they arrive.
Landing pages Pages on your website that fulfill the call to action and offer something of value to visitors. These pages almost always focus on one topic and contain a lead form. Help convert visitors to leads by offering something of value to a visitor. For example, you may offer a detailed guide or white paper, and would require the visitor to submit contact information to download it.
Lead scoring A score for each contact based on a carefully-crafted algorithm. Tells your sales team how far along a potential customer is in the sales process and how ready they are for manual contact. Can also help sales people prioritize their contacts.
Email Can be automated and personalized or sent as a newsletter to subscribers or contacts. Provides more information and related information to contacts that first sought information by filling out a lead form on your website. Examples include blog subscriber notification, email newsletter, event notification, automated lead nurturing sequence. Purpose is to help make a potential customer sales ready.
Marketing analytics and reporting Tracking progress on your campaign; identifying what marketing activities and channels are producing business value. By identifying which activities are bringing the most value to your company, you can shift focus to those activities or develop tests for better effectiveness of underperforming tactics. Don't just measure traffic and leads, measure revenue impact through CRM integration.

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