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You could be getting 5x-10x ROI from your online marketing. If you’re not; we here to help.

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Attract your ideal customers and get more leads

Does inbound marketing—sharing information with prospects who are actively seeking it, instead of interrupting them with traditional marketing—make sense for your business? Reliably generating business with an inbound marketing strategy requires dedication to the process, attention to detail, and a good deal of time and careful work—but it’s quickly becoming a must for companies that want to find customers online.

If you’re struggling with where to start, we can help you plan, prioritize and implement solutions for these needs and more:

  • A digital marketing strategic plan and training so your team can implement
  • Content strategy
  • SEO
  • Lead generation, scoring and nurturing
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM and sales enablement

We’ll help you drive traffic, convert more of it, and win more business. You’ll benefit twice: from a more robust website and from more sales-ready leads.

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Getting Results For Our Clients

Hear from Gregg Palmer, Director of Sales & Marketing at Poly Processing

Your results matter to us

By helping companies like yours optimize your online presence, we produce tangible results for our customers, month-in and month-out. It's why we’re in this business. Could your company benefit from results like these:

  • Financial software company sees 24% gain in website visits resulting from a web search in just 4 months with content marketing and social media. We also helped this company increase lead close rates by 20%.
  • Manufacturer realizes lift of 383% in new business leads and shortens sales cycle. Their blog is used to educate distributors which has increased sales and brand loyalty. Visits to their website has increased by 84% and they have seen a 939% ROI on the campaign.
  • Website redesign for a regional tourism group gets 140% gain in total website visits and a 294% increase in website visits from search engines.
  • Manufacturing company reduced their cost per lead from $333 to just $12 with an inbound marketing campaign.
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Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Because inbound marketing positions your company to meet your prospects when they are searching for information about your product or service, you'll notice several key benefits over other traditional, interruption-based marketing approaches:

  • Increase in website visits each month
  • Better search engine visibility
  • Leads cost 62% less than leads from traditional advertising
  • Better website conversion rates—a higher percentage of visitors become leads
  • Gain thought leadership and credibility by creating content that people want
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Marketing automation eases the burden on your sales team
  • Fewer cold calls and better lead quality
  • Dedicate part of your marketing budget to marketing where you can actually measure results to the dollar
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How much does inbound marketing cost?

Inbound marketing greatly benefits companies that would like to earn more customers or earn customers at a lower acquisition cost than what you're used to. Many B2B companies struggle with online marketing because one marketing person often lacks the skill and experience that a complete online marketing program requires, or they can't afford to hire several people in-house.

Hiring our team of online marketing experts costs about the same as hiring an FTE minus the expenses for benefits. You're hiring a team with strategic, tactical and analytical skills needed to get the results you need.

A typical client pays between $4,000-$7,000 per month for inbound marketing. We also require that you purchase a subscription to HubSpot's inbound marketing software, as our clients that have a HubSpot subscriptions get results faster and more efficiently. Many of our clients realize 5x-10x their monthly costs in revenue from our inbound marketing programs.

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Does Your Website Get As Many Leads As It Should?

Find out if your website generates enough business opportunities based on industry averages.

Use the calculator on the right to measure your company's web presence against averages. The calculator will tell you:

  • How your website compares with B2B averages
  • How many new contacts you should be getting monthly based on your website traffic
  • Some recommendations for getting more contacts from your website based on patterns we've observed during the evaluation of hundreds of websites


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