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Filtrona Porous Technologies website redesign launches


We’re happy to announce the website redesign for Filtrona Porous Technologies, a global B2B company that designs and manufactures custom fluid-handling components. These components can be found in everyday products, including printer cartridges, wound care dressings, writing instruments, make-up applicators and so much more.

Filtrona Porous Technologies homepage

The website features a much cleaner, professional design that is in keeping with newly-established corporate brand standards and sales materials. We improved navigation, streamlined content and built the website around a content management system that allows FPT staff to update the website in-house.

Because Filtrona Porous Technologies is a global company with a global audience, the website includes full translations in English, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

We also created several product animations that demonstrate how the components work in everyday products.

Visit the new Filtrona Porous Technologies website

Posted 2011-10-05 11:21:14

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