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Gardner Grins website launches

By Rick Whittington

Combine an orthodontist with a uniquely fun personality and a website design firm with creative flair and you get GardnerGrins.com, our newest website launch.

Working with SEO firm Your Search Advisor, we created a website for Dr. Gardner’s orthodontic practice that embodies the experience of visiting their office and is optimized to grow the practice.

We started by taking dozens of photographs of the inside of Dr. Gardner’s Richmond office, then incorporating the images into a cohesive interface. The result is a website that mimics Dr. Gardner’s fun personality and the experience of being in the office.

Gardner Grins - Dr. Graham Gardner website design

Visit the GardnerGrins.com website


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  1. Great work on the site! It’s a great-looking site, but don’t underestimate the power of the new design & site structure on SEO metrics. Indexed pages, non-branded traffic, and conversions are up as well!

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