Our Approach

At Whittington Consulting, we make sure our efforts are in your best interests, to give you the most value for your money.

Our Approach

Your website, marketing strategy and sales effort must align to attain business growth. However, most companies silo these three efforts (or worse, neglect one), missing out on the opportunities that these three, when working together, can create for revenue and business growth. We can help you change that.

Whittington Consulting takes a holistic, data-driven approach that starts with revenue goals and works backwards to ensure you’re hitting the right numbers at each critical juncture: from number of clients, SQLs, MQLs, down to the number of visitors you need on your website. We then build a unified sales and marketing strategy—automating as much as possible to simplify your teams’ day-to-day—to span all of your customer touchpoints: website, lead gen offers, blog, email, social, ads, and sales follow-up. When these elements work in concert, you’ll see greater ROI and boost your sales numbers.

To sweeten the deal, we offer in-house design and development. This allows you to minimize the number of vendors you have to manage, and guarantees your website is built from a marketing-first approach. By ensuring your website’s primary function is to support your marketing and sales efforts, we can offer you a powerful engine that grows your business and generates new revenue.

The Whittington Way

The Whittington Way is our proven approach that allows us to do everything mentioned above— aligning your website, marketing and sales efforts. The process is designed to predictably help you reach your goals and produce measurable results.

— 01 Marketing Automation That Connects

We start by connecting your website to a sales CRM via a marketing automation platform. We’ve driven incredible results for our clients using HubSpot over the past decade, which is why it’s become our marketing automation platform and CRM of choice. This setup delivers several benefits to equip and activate your sales team:

  • Deep contextual insights on a lead every time they visit your website
  • Prioritized follow-up list for sales reps, with an assigned priority for each contact
  • Automated reminders and email drip campaigns to prevent falling through the cracks

— 02 Website and Marketing Strategy That Gets Measured

Better results come from a measurable strategy, because numbers prove success. Here’s what that looks like for you:

  1. Business analysis.
    We start by establishing  a baseline measurement of your goals for revenue, leads and website traffic. This helps us prescribe website, digital marketing, and sales tactics that are catered to your company’s objectives and ensures our efforts are aligned to the  common goal of hitting your targets. 

  2. HubSpot portal review. If you already have HubSpot, we’ll uncover undetected opportunities to take your website and marketing efforts to the next level.

  3. Initial digital strategy. This roadmap defines the components of your digital marketing plan. The strategy includes:
    • Content strategy  that shows what blogs to publish and how they roll up to a lead acquisition offer
    • Search engine optimization to ensure your website gets its due visibility
    • Lead generation, scoring and nurturing
    • Marketing automation
    • CRM management and sales enablement
  4. Website assessment & redesign. We make website recommendations from real data, and build custom sites to suit your needs. We’ll provide:
    • UX Audit — suggestions made from Google Analytics, heat mapping, click/scroll maps, and user recordings that show actual users’ behaviors on your website
    • Sitemap — the blueprint for your site structure, that organizes information (and assesses missing information) for best flow and conversion
    • Custom Website — built from the specifics uncovered during your business analysis, uniquely designed to meet your specific goals
    • Easy-to-use Backend (CMS) — we pride ourselves in our intuitively built CMS, allowing you to easily maintain and update your website

— 03 Accountability That Yields Results

By knowing what business metrics we need to focus on, we can track them, report on them, and make them as important to us as they are to you.

Data-driven accountability ensures that you hit your goals and produce measurable improvements. By taking an iterative approach, we make adjustments to the strategy while tracking customer behavior along the way. 

As a result, your website and marketing efforts align with your sales priorities, delivering the leads, data  and efficiency your salespeople need most.

Results You Can Measure

The Whittington Way delivers measurable growth. Here’s what your digital marketing success looks like:

  • Paid search that quickly improves lead acquisition
  • Your organic marketing content attracts more and more prospective customers every month
  • Planning for future sales and revenue is easier, because you can see the sales pipeline
  • Your sales team closes clients at a higher rate
  • Competitors admire your efforts, but may be mystified about how you do it
  • Your prospects describe every interaction as helpful
  • Your company earns at least 5x your marketing budget in new business in the first year

At Whittington Consulting, we make sure our efforts are in your best interests, to give you the most value for your money.

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