Content marketing. Social media. Website management. Website analytics. Paid search. Pay per click. The list goes on, because when you’re doing digital marketing right, there are a lot of moving pieces.

That’s where internet presence management firms come in.

The moving pieces should come together to create a successful web presence, but it can quickly get off track if you aren’t monitoring and managing it properly. Having a firm dedicated to connecting the dots and to helping you put your best foot forward online is what will bring you better results, faster.

Here are three important reasons to consolidate your web presence management with one firm.

A Consistent Partner Creates a Consistent Brand

When it comes down to it, your digital marketing strategy is all you! Your print and website design should be completely in synch with your brand while generating new business leads. Your branding is an insight into your company culture and presentation, which then bleeds into your website content, blogging and social media. It’s vital that all of these pieces are pulled together to present a cohesive internet presence.

The alternative? A jumbled assortment of different projects, all affecting your company’s internet web presence. Your website is probably the last thing to be updated, either because there's no one in house that can do it, or because it falls last on your list of other job priorities. A consistent partner creates a consistent brand -- they very reason you’ve invested into your internet web presence in the first place.

One Partner Means Streamlined Management

The same goes for the management of your project. A consistent partner means you share your vision once, instead of having the same meeting with a social media manager, a web designer, a graphic designer, and more. On the other hand, when you work with one firm you are able to streamline your responsibilities, resulting in a project and working relationship with increased efficiency and fewer headaches.

Consistency with Implementation Means Consistency (and Accountability) with Results

The final and most important reason to work with one firm makes the biggest difference to your bottom line. When you use a handful of unrelated specialists, there’s no one connecting the dots to make sure your overall efforts are meaningful and bring results, let alone tracking those results over time.

Instead, you have independent units working on your website and brand piece by piece. And that’s just what you’ll get: a piecemeal jumble of a presentation with no data to back it up.

Case in point: one of our clients hired our team to manage their website and lead generation efforts, but another firm to handle paid search. Because we weren't made aware of what the other company was doing, and they weren't made aware of what we were doing, our efforts were never in sync. Once we took over paid search and connected all the dots with what we were doing with their web content, we doubled their new business leads from paid search in the first month.

Instead of the headache and the mystery, finding one firm that fits your needs will allow you to see results faster, manage your project easier, and better understand the results.

Could a web presence management company help your company succeed online?
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