What to Do When Your B2B Video Marketing Doesn't Go ViralWith so many reasons to get into video marketing, it’s no surprise that nearly three in four B2B marketers plan to increase their use of original marketing videos.

Unfortunately, many businesses create fantastic, on-topic videos… only to be disappointed when the viewership doesn’t launch them to the front page of Buzz Feed.

It’s important to understand that investing time and energy into B2B video marketing won’t necessarily lead to your videos going viral. The videos you create don't have a wide appeal because they are targeted to a particular prospects. Therefore, getting as many eyes on that video as possible it’s as important as getting the right eyes on that video.

In an effort to help the right people access and enjoy your content, here are four ways to repurpose your B2B video marketing efforts to get even more attention.

1. Pair the video with a complementary blog post

While B2B video marketing can be a major SEO boost for your website, it can work the other way around, too. Use your video as an attractive addition to a blog post on the same topic. You can reuse the same introduction and sources, but try to include different information in the body of the article.

For example, an IT services company could take its B2B video marketing project about what an IT network consult covers and pair it with a blog post such as“5 Things To Do Before Your IT Network Consult.” The topics complement each other and would provide a thoughtful, all-encompassing experience for a first-time customer.

2. Develop a related case study

Nothing speaks to potential customers quite like hard-and-fast case studies that show clear value and a clear result. So while a B2B video case study provides compelling visual information to a potential customer, get a bigger impact by creating a PDF case study that compliments the video. Embed a link to the video within the case study to create an integrated experience that shows your company’s attention to detail and expertise within a given industry.

3. Promote the video on social media with topical quotes

Rather than just promote that your company has a new video out, pick out important or interesting quotes that might entice a new viewer to watch the entire video.

For example, a chemical manufacturer’s video on the different kinds of inorganic compounds might lead with trivia about each compound. Instead of writing “Learn about compounds in our new video!” on Facebook or Twitter, lead with something interesting like “Did you know which precious metal compound was used in the creation of the Titanic ship?”

This trivia-based point will attract more than just users looking to find out more about your company. It will also appeal to those prospects who enjoy trivia, are curious about chemical manufacturing, or who like reading about the Titanic. As the information is shared and passed through these user’s networks, the likelihood that it will be shared with someone seeking a chemical manufacturer increases exponentially.

4. Turn the video into a downloadable podcast or MP3

Some of your customers simply don’t have the time or interest to sit and watch a video. However, they still want to hear what you have to say. Make the information accessible to more people by creating an MP3 or podcast from the audio content from your video. Include notes, links, and images in the description of the audio so that curious customers can still access the full experience after the fact.

Incorporating B2B video marketing into your digital portfolio is easier and more powerful than you think. And once you create those videos, there are a number of ways to continue to drive targeted, valuable traffic to them. When you repurpose those videos, your single investment becomes a worthwhile, long-term asset you can use to drive traffic to your website and educate your customers during their sales journey.

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