As a sales rep, you're constantly following up with the leads you get from your website. You're manually sending email after email trying to schedule a time to talk next steps.

Often, your contacts don’t reply. When they do, it kicks off a back and forth exchange trying to set a time that works for both parties. In your downtime, you're combing through lists and prospecting cold leads. The odds of getting a call booked from those efforts is low, but it's worth a shot, right?

Working so hard to get people on the phone gets old - quickly.

Now, what if things could be different. You sit down at your desk in the morning, check your calendar and like magic, it's full of sales meetings with qualified leads. You haven't had to lift a finger. What gives?

We'll show you how that sales utopia can become a reality. And - why it’s easier than you'd think.

Use A Meeting Scheduler Tool to Easily Book Meetings

The lynchpin of this system working is implementing a tool that allows prospects to see your availability and book time directly. Rather than a back and forth "Does 3:00 work on Tuesday?" ... "No? How about 4:00?" etc., prospects can choose a time that works for them. The meeting is then automatically added to your calendar and sent to the prospect via email. Super seamless.

There are several different options available. Some of our favorites are: Calendly, YouCanBookMe, and HubSpot's Meetings Tool.

They each have their pros and cons. But, from our experience, the HubSpot Meetings tool is the most complete option.

If you use the HubSpot Marketing or CRM products already, the HubSpot Meetings tool is the easiest to put in place. It also integrates tightly with the rest of the HubSpot ecosystem.

HubSpot Meetings is only available as part of the HubSpot Sales Pro tool - sold on a per rep basis. But, if you're in the HubSpot ecosystem already, there are a slew of other reasons to adopt the Sales Pro platform.

Make Your Website Your Most Effective Scheduler 

Most reps only use meeting scheduling tools in email exchanges to book a meeting. But, there's another use that marketers can leverage. You can embed your meeting booking tool directly on your company website. 

The beauty of this approach is that it allows a prospect to book a meeting directly from your website AND it works 24/7. So, if someone is up late browsing your services and decides they want to discuss pricing, they can simply book a time on your calendar that works for them. 

The result? Sales reps' calendars start to populate with meetings automatically, with zero hands-on interaction.

Automate Followup Emails With a "Book Time" Feature

When someone downloads an offer on your website today, what happens? Hopefully, they land on a thank you page where they can access the content they requested. At very least, you should also be sending an email with the link to what the contact signed up to receive.

With HubSpot Meetings, you can embed a link in your automated follow-up email to allow the prospect to book a time on your calendar. This positions you in an approachable, helpful light. It also cuts down on the manual back and forth correspondence.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

Meetings is just one example of several tools and methodologies that help modern sales teams to sell more efficiently. Sales teams shouldn't be wasting time on activities that don't drive sales.

If your sales team is looking to increase their productivity and close more leads, we can help. You can book a time to talk here.

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