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BoxLogix Automation

A Total Makeover

Customer-centric Website Outperforms Sales Goals

The Challenge

Impressive Company, Dated Website

BoxLogix Automation is a turnkey provider in distribution operations that delivers comprehensive solutions for some of the largest parcel providers in the world. But their website didn’t convey the world-class capabilities of this impressive company, and it was failing to generate qualified leads. Instead, the website looked dated and unsophisticated. Like many clients we work with, the copy on the site was vague and didn’t sell their services.

For the website to be a success, it would need to:

  • Track visitors and leads through Google Analytics and HubSpot
  • Clearly communicate their capabilities, differentiators, and value
  • Merge two websites (BoxLogix Automation and BoxLogix Parcel)
  • Generate the right number of leads and revenue within the first year
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Antiquated Homepage

Like many websites we see, the homepage was not built with the user in mind. A rotating image carousel lacked context and explanation, and a wall of text over-explained their solutions. Other sections featured information that lacked value to website visitors while heatmap testing revealed items of interest weren’t being featured on the homepage.


Lack Of CTAs Or Cross Navigation

The website didn’t properly use calls to action (CTAs) to nurture leads or encourage users to visit other pages on the website. User experience data reports showed that outside of the navigation, there was very little engagement on the website. The content that visitors were clicking on wasn’t a button or link text, which implied that users were trying to find clickable elements. Without effective CTAs, the website was losing visitors and missing opportunities to generate new leads.


Missing User Data

Scroll maps and click overlays helped us discover what spare parts were of most interest to users, and how far they were willing to scroll while searching. Using this data, we could reorder the spare parts to help the user quickly and easily find what they came looking for.



New Copy and Information Architecture, Driven By Data

Before digging into the content flow and design, we set up Google Analytics and a series of research tests to collect data that revealed how visitors were actually using the website. These heatmaps, scroll maps, click maps, overlays, recordings, and data informed the decisions we would make as we designed the new site.

BOX Website Viewed on a Mobile Phone
Wireframes & Color Palette - BXL Case Study

Tracking Through HubSpot

Building the website on HubSpot has allowed BoxLogix to track exactly how many visitors, leads, and customers are coming from their website. This information allowed them to track towards their goal for new leads and revenue within the first year.


Content Strategy

We worked with the BoxLogix C-Suite to identify pain points in the existing messaging. From there, we developed a strategy and content outline for effectively communicating the company’s value while speaking to their customers’ greatest needs.


Behavior Intelligence for Better Customer Experience

To provide more effective data for sales outreach, we created a daily Prospect Report. This HubSpot tool is an in-depth user experience audit that gives valuable behavior data about which users interact with their content, and how. That insight can be used to provide the right content at the right time, and to intelligently nurture prospects through the sales funnel.


The Result

A Total Makeover

The BoxLogix website was a complete overhaul that produced an outcome as impressive as the company. The final product had client-centric content that addressed actual pains and needs, without being salesy. The modern design communicates world-class competence and the built-in tracking helps ensure BoxLogix sees the results they’re looking for. 


In the process, we merged the two divisions of their company—automation and parcel—on one site. The result alleviated brand confusion and conveyed robust offerings and capabilities.  

The new site has been more successful than they anticipated. Within just a few months of launching, the website had already generated the leads they needed to hit their goals for the year.

Services Used

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Copywriting & Content Strategy
  • Website Redesign

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