Case Study

Manufacturer’s Representative Boosts Sales Efficiency with Custom HubSpot CRM Implementation


The Challenge

Launch Inbound Marketing That Drives Measurable Sales Results

A leading manufacturer's representative, serving industries from medical devices and aerospace components to automotive and consumer products, aimed to optimize its sales process. 

Though not directly manufacturing products, the firm was at the forefront of supplying a wide range of resistance and arc welding equipment, electron beam welding equipment, and more.

This firm realized that they struggled with organizing contacts and ensuring no sales opportunities slipped away. While they had adopted the free HubSpot CRM and set up basic features, they faced difficulties with:

  • Ensuring consistent lead follow-up
  • Streamlining their sales process, which varied based on the product or service offered
  • Manually entering contact details from website forms into HubSpot
  • The absence of a comprehensive, automated system for tracking contacts and deals

Our Solution

Grasping the complexities, we started laying out a solution

Sales process mapping

After interviewing the team, we mapped out their sales process, creating a flowchart that pinpointed each step, with attention to the nuances based on different product offerings.

Identified automation opportunities

We integrated HubSpot Sequences to automate follow-ups that occurred in the sales process and developed email templates. This ensured timely follow-ups and reduced manual effort.

Set up custom contact and deal properties

To facilitate better reporting and tracking, we introduced custom Contact and Deal properties, enhancing the HubSpot fields for deeper insights.

Meeting link integration

We established a system where prospects could schedule calls without unnecessary delays or back-and-forths. This link was included in automated emails to make scheduling easier.

Template optimization

While the client provided initial email templates based on some guidance from our strategist, we refined them for improved engagement and response rates.

Website form integration

We connected their website forms directly to HubSpot, ensuring immediate lead notifications to the sales team.

Email integration

Our team seamlessly linked their Microsoft Outlook to HubSpot, automating the logging of email communications for better tracking. The team can now look back on past conversations in HubSpot.

Automated reminders

The sales team is now reminded 14 days after a product is shipped to check with the customer to see if the product arrived. If a contact goes 45/90/120 days without activity, the sales rep is reminded to check in with the customer, enabling future sales.

Sales dashboard

A custom dashboard showcased key sales and basic marketing metrics, offering a bird's-eye view of the sales pipeline.

The Result

With a well-defined, partly automated sales process, every lead was now given the attention it deserved.

  • Their dashboard provided invaluable insights, helping them gauge their sales progress instantaneously.
  • The sales team now has automated reminders at key intervals of contact inactivity. At each point, they reach out to the customer, resulting in additional sales opportunities.
  • Our training session, recorded for future reference, empowered them to reference HubSpot CRM capabilities. The firm can now operate HubSpot independently, a testament to our effective training and the ease-of-use of the CRM.

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