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Designing for Growth

Within 2 months of launch, SEO and website traffic jumped by almost 3x the client goal. 

The Challenge

Elevating the Digital Perception of One of the Fastest Growing Companies

Spinnaker Consulting Group was on a steep growth trajectory prior to working with us. Their company was named as one of the fastest-growing companies in their metropolitan area as well as being recognized on a national scale by being named as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Spinnaker Consulting has a team of management consulting experts with decades of real-world business experience helping Fortune 200 companies navigate complex business challenges. With their rapid growth, Spinnaker Consulting Group aimed to compete with big national management consulting firms like Ernst & Young and McKinsey & Company, however, their website did not reflect that level of expertise. Spinnaker needed a website that reflected the caliber, knowledge, and success of their growing company to their prospective clients while also attracting top talent in order to compete and maintain company growth.

For the website to be a success, it would need to:

  • Expand client’s ability to add content seamlessly in an updated website design structure 
  • Serve as a client lead generation tool as well as a tool to recruit top, expert talent
  • Successfully integrate HubSpot to accomplish both marketing strategy and sales objectives
  • Elevate the perception of Spinnaker consultants by providing robust thought leadership content (including blogs, podcasts, and case studies)
Old Spinnaker website - screenshot
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Brand Confusion & Limited Flexibility

Spinnaker’s name and imagery was tied to a nautical theme; however, this concept did not clearly convey to visitors what services they could provide. Their website also had a very rigid structure which made it difficult to add new or different types of content.


Lack of Data to Inform Website Decisions

Spinnaker had the bare minimum user behavior data on their website, relying solely on out of the box Google Analytics information. With this knowledge gap, they couldn’t confidently make informed web or content strategy decisions. This lack of data also left Spinnaker with no ability to identify which prospects were visiting their website and what content those visitors were most interested in. 


Missed Lead Generation Opportunities

Spinnaker had a robust amount of thought leadership content, but the website calls-to-action were hard to find, they didn't encourage cross navigation to other sections on the website, and they weren't nurturing prospects. By not connecting key digital elements for an integrated website, marketing, and sales approach, they weren’t using their website to effectively generate leads.


Our Solution

Building A Digital Brand from Square One

Our team’s solution was to build a website that would reflect the experience of Spinnaker’s expert consultancy to their targeted customers of C-suite executives and other key stakeholders at Fortune 200 companies. In addition to providing an impressive visual website experience, for continued growth and success, we also provided website page templates that could be easily created at scale to quickly add content and grow the website along with company expansion.

We started with the Spinnaker website as the focal point of their online brand presence. Our team chose to build the Spinnaker website on the HubSpot CMS Hub to accomplish the client’s goal of creating a website that would be easy to update by various members of their team and not have to rely on a web developer for simple edits and additions. 

Spinnaker - Mobile Mock-up
Spinnaker Heatmap & Color Palette

Custom Website with a Forward-Thinking Design Strategy

We built the website on HubSpot's CMS Hub so any member of Spinnaker's team could easily update the site without having to rely on a web developer for simple edits and additions. The site's information architecture was restructured to make it easy for our identified user personas to find key information. And we reviewed and provided recommendations to increase website speed and performance. These design and development changes ultimately created a better website experience for the user as well as adding a boost to Spinnaker’s SEO performance.


Improved User Experience Based on Data with a Lead Generation Focus

By installing heat mapping analysis tools on the website, we were able to provide strategic web design and user experience recommendations based on metrics. These changes ultimately resulted in increased user engagement. All Recommendations were driven by real-user behavior metrics.


An Integrated HubSpot Marketing and Sales Solution

Spinnaker was producing high-quality content through their blogs and case studies, but they needed an integrated sales and marketing strategy to convert visitors into business opportunities. By deploying multiple tools in the HubSpot ecosystem—HubSpot CMS, HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub—we built a connected web that enabled Spinnaker to track exactly how many visitors, leads, and customers come from their website.


The Result

Digital Brand Alignment and Insight with Scalability

Spinnaker Consulting Group now has a fully-integrated, HubSpot supported website that provides the user data, tracking, and content management ease of use which funnels leads seamlessly into their CRM. This connectivity is essential for their team to continue company growth and success. With these improvements, we were able to deliver the client a website that is now also a robust marketing, sales, and recruiting tool.

Due to our efforts, post website launch Spinnaker saw and increase in website user behavior metrics across the board. Their website bounce rate decreased, pages per session increased by more than 20% and average user website session duration surged by more than 40%. In addition to behavior data, Spinnaker’s website traffic jumped to almost three times their goal within two months of launch. 

In the months following the website overhaul, Spinnaker Consulting Group furthered their organizational growth and continued to rank in the top 3 of the fastest growing private companies in the area.

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Services Used

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Redesign
  • Hubspot Consultant

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