The engineering industry is responsible for developing, designing and building remarkable things. Whether chemical, civil or mechanical, engineering is essential to some of the most basic parts of our life. Microwaving leftover take-out would be but a dream without the insight of engineering. On a larger scale, the longest bridge in the world, the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China would be inconceivable without the science applied by engineering.

The majesty of engineering deserves to be shared. Inbound marketing can help engineering firms attract and connect with people who need your services. Using your firm's website, you can establish and build relationships with new prospects that search for your services everyday. Why does the engineering industry need inbound marketing?

Hubspot's inbound marketing methodology
What is Inbound Marketing? When you attract customers to your website who are searching for your services and you delight them with solutions to their problems, you generate more business relationships and convert them to customers. Diagram courtesy of HubSpot.

Generate business

Instead of pouring all of your business development budget into sponsorships, trade publications or other ads, you could spend a portion of that budget on optimizing your website for lead generation and on your website content. Original content in your blog and on social media sites can build SEO and bring in more leads. In addition, there’s nothing more unsatisfying than getting lost in confusing websites that are all about YOUR company. By generating relevant content about your business,

  • Your potential customers can seek you out much easier,
  • See how you're solving problems they can relate to, and
  • Tangibly learn how you can help them.

Show off your work and expertise

Cost per lead for inbound marketing is lower than advertising you're probably doing now.

Cost per lead for inbound marketing is lower than advertising you're probably doing now.

Your services are awesome. Your customers should know that. Inbound marketing can be just as effective, if not even more, as traditional advertising or networking, but in a more attention-grabbing way. Instead of throwing ads out to the world, hoping that they resonate with someone (and spending thousands in the process) you could be marketing your firm through valuable content that educates your audience.

In this way, leads are seeking your firm out to learn more. Your active social media presence and comprehensive website does the advertising the work for you.

Inform your prospective clients

Consider the adage, "knowledge is power." This couldn’t be truer when it comes to inbound marketing. Providing customers with informative blog posts, videos and case studies can mean more business for you. It demonstrates your expertise in the field and proves the claims that you make. The more someone knows about your story and your services, the easier they can decipher if you fit their needs.

The engineering industry can be creative, artistic, complex and revolutionary. Let your customers see that by using inbound marketing as your strategy to share information about your firm. Find out how we can help you transform your engineering firm from a traditional advertising approach, to a modern inbound marketing model.

Transform Your Engineering Firm With Inbound Marketing