How Are Healthcare Companies Blogging To Attract Potential Customers?

The healthcare industry is historically behind when it comes to online marketing. Research done by the Content Marketing Institute explains that the healthcare industry is at least 2 years behind other industries when it comes to content marketing online.

These figures aren’t hugely surprising when you take into account the endless regulations put into place for confidentiality and security.

B2B industries are slowly taking over what was traditionally known as a blog. More than ever, customers are searching online and finding healthcare company blog posts to solve their problems. Desperate to not be left behind once again, the healthcare industry is beginning to take advantage of blogging’s power to inform readers.

Who in healthcare is writing a blog?

In 2013, 58% of all healthcare marketers used blogs to share their voice. 74% of marketers across all industries have taken to blogging. These figures still show a lag on healthcare’s part, but the number will continue to rise as more marketers see the benefits of a healthcare blog.

Similar to trends in the healthcare industry, we see a huge range in the type of content posted by healthcare blogs:

This limitless range of topics indicates opportunities for every sector of healthcare to create a blog for their readers.

What’s the point of a healthcare blog?

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Once you get past the logistics of who in healthcare is writing a blog, we reach the more important question – why are they blogging and how is it helping?

Last year, 80% of American web users looked up health information online, according to research done by SocialSite Media. Breaking this down further: 66% searched online for information about a medical problem, 44% of users turned to the web to find a doctor or health professional, and 56% looked up a medical procedure or treatment.

These numbers show vast opportunity for your healthcare blog to provide information to readers. Creating relevant content designed to appeal to these inquisitive readers is how healthcare blogs show their value.

Some Healthcare Blogging Tips


From the very basics, well-crafted content will direct search engines to your site. If you’re writing about something that can solve your reader’s problem, there’s a good chance they can find your post from a search.


Most healthcare blogs have a general purpose – whether it’s a specific disease or healthcare policy matters. Choosing a focus for your blog (specific posts or as a whole) will help you ensure you’re providing the answers your readers are searching for.


Healthcare can be an emotional topic. Allowing your reader the chance to discuss an issue further with comments and responses shows you care about their well-being and their opinions.


Successful healthcare blogs avoid directly thrusting their offering at the reader. A healthcare blog should serve to educate and inform the reader by providing expertise on an issue. From there, the reader can determine if the information is enough or if they want to further pursue a relationship.

Sharing your healthcare expertise through a blog increases your website audience. If your first focus is providing information, you can become their go-to resource for health related issues.

If your medical practice or healthcare-related company could use some help starting a blog or help writing the blog for maximum exposure, let us know.

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