Your company invests tens of thousands of dollars on a website and paid advertising. You spend time keeping social media profiles up to date (as much as possible, anyway). Or perhaps your company just has a "brochure" website that hasn't been updated in four years.

Regardless of the situation, your website should be bringing in inquiries and new business opportunities each month.  So how much potential business should you be getting from those efforts?

Companies see the value in creating a website -- they allocate budget to create and maintain it, after all. While you might think the company website is just a brochure, reference, validation method, etc., it's much more than that.

Your website connects the dots between your offline advertising and your business development efforts, too.

What's more is that if your website is a true resource for potential customers, you'll attract them and get new business inquiries that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

If you look at it this way, your website should not only generate new business inquiries steadily and reliably each month -- it should be responsible for a percentage of your business development efforts.

That's why we created the Lead Generation Calculator, a free tool that will help you set a baseline for how many leads and inquiries your website should net your company each month. You'll be able to find out if your website is performing adequately when it comes to business development, or if it needs improvement. 

Use the Lead Generation Calculator now

I've also taken the time to write some insightful tips for improving your website, which you will see when you get your results and that vary based on how well your website is performing. These tips are part of what I would suggest if you were to seek our help with your digital marketing efforts.

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