How can you use social media to bolster your medical practice? Find out below...

Reputation management for medical practices is a hot topic right now, and one way to manage the practice reputation is through social media channels. Many practices have been almost pushed into having Facebook pages, and so it's understandable that practice administrators and marketers need some help in managing those pages.

Your medical practice stands to attract more patients and improve current patient relations by actively using social media. Take note of how these medical practices effectively use Facebook to boost business. How can use use what these practices are doing in their social media marketing?

1. Pediatric Associates Kansas City

Kansas City pediatrician Natasha Burgert knows the importance of maintaining a strong online presence. The doctor launched a Facebook page for her practice in 2009, and she posts from the page multiple times a day to retain followers. Dr. Burgert even started her own blog, KC Kids Doc, and the Facebook page of the blog has an active following as well. The doctor and her husband, who is also a pediatrician at the practice, have successfully improved patient-doctor communication by staying active on social media.

2. Crystal Run Healthcare

When it comes to large provider networks, Crystal Run Healthcare in Orange County, New York has proven its ability to network through Facebook. The provider network utilizes its Facebook page to drive traffic to its website and blog. Crystal Run Healthcare uses hashtags, carefully structured posts and relevant information that would apply to followers to boost business for its member practices.

3. Cooper University Health Care

This Camden, New Jersey-based hospital uses its Facebook photo albums to highlight renovations and new equipment in offices throughout the hospital. You can do the same on a smaller scale. Providing images of your office allows prospective patients to envision what their experience with your practice will be like. You can also post photos of your physicians to build a rapport with patients before they even set foot in your office.

Tips to Apply to Your Own Practice

Do you want to use Facebook to your medical practice's advantage? Here are some tips from Physicians Practice to keep in mind:

  • Post about local events or fundraisers to remind followers that your practice prides itself on being part of the community. You will also gain exposure if you tag the Facebook page of the event you are mentioning.
  • Take the time to create an "About" section that utilizes local keywords. Including the city and state name with information about your practice increases search engine exposure.
  • Use the analytical date found under "Audience Insights" to find out what gets the attention of your followers.

Want to learn how Facebook can help your medical practice grow? Download this free eBook and apply its tips on the most effective use of social media. And if you have questions, let us know by contacting us or in the comments below.

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