Getting a lot of sales leads from your website is a great thing, but are you turning them away when they call your office?

Not all leads come in through web forms. Prospects will call you, so you have to make sure the phone line to your sales team is front and center. Even if your marketing campaign is effective, you could be turning away a hefty number of prospects without even knowing it.

Making sure your prospects’ call experience is great is as important as making sure your website lead forms are working.

It’s a rather unconventional technique for most companies, but recording your inbound sales calls can help you improve your close rates.

The Easy Way to Record Sales Calls

The recording of sales calls is a feature of many call tracking services (you can see a vendor comparison here). Call tracking can be used with online or offline marketing campaigns, or you can place one call tracking number on your website for all visitors.

Here’s how it works.

  • Your call tracking vendor will set up a dedicated phone number that forwards calls to your sales team or office.
  • You can either replace your existing phone number with the call tracking number everywhere it appears on your website, or place a short code snippet on your website that will automatically “change out” the phone number for you.
  • The service will forward calls and record them when people visit your website, see the number and call.

Truth Revealed: How Good Is Your Sales Approach for Prospects that Call?

Recording calls helps you understand how good or bad your sales approach and process is.

As you play back recorded calls, you can learn a lot. People call from a website because they either have a pressing need or are just more comfortable talking to a person. When the prospect calls and gets a rude sales person, they are disconnected or they talk to an untrained or just plan bad salesperson, you've immediately lost that prospect.

Here are some things to look out for when listening to your recorded sales calls:

  • Is there a problem with your phone system that causes disconnects?
  • Does the prospect get a real person or a phone tree?
  • Is the person that answers the phone friendly and helpful?
  • Does the prospect get transferred several times because they are not given the right person the first time?
  • Do calls go to voice mail, or are they answered?
  • If the prospect is able to connect with the right sales person, does the sales person effectively listen and solve the caller's problem?

Recording your sales calls can help you identify weaknesses in the phone sales process and improve your close rate.

Your turn

What have you learned from recording sales calls? How has it made your sales process better?
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