Time and time again, I've seen that truly successful people (and companies) pay attention to the "little things." This post is about one of those little things -- specifically e-mail signatures.

Since nearly everyone has an iPhone, or other smartphone, or the ability to check their e-mail on their mobile devices, e-mail signatures become very important. Everyone uses these devices to check their e-mail.

So why is the signature so important, and what should you include in your e-mail signature? The answer is rather obvious but goes overlooked by many -- your phone number.

If you include your phone number in your e-mail signature, then the recipients of your e-mail have easy access to your phone number if they need to call. For example, if I send a proposal to a prospective client and they read my message on their mobile device, they can just "click" on my phone number to call me. If you're like me, you probably don't keep the contacts into your phone's address book up-to-date like you should, so it's really helpful when someone adds their phone number to their e-mail signature.

Making it easy for clients and customers to call you back just may net you some more business. 

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