Inbound Marketing brings attention to your website and lifts your presence on search engines through content creation. Inbound marketing makes it easy to form a relationship with a customer before the sale and establishes your business as an industry leader. What exactly is “content?” How-to videos, podcasts, blogs, whitepapers, ebooks and e-newsletters are a few examples.

Many websites are not designed with inbound marketing in mind. Below are five ways to benefit from inbound marketing with a website redesign.

1. Overhaul Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website redesign is a great time to assess which pages might not be search engine optimized. Your place in a search engine results page is determined by how your website is written and coded. An inbound marketing website design company should discuss keywords and develop a search engine strategy to help your redesigned webpage get found.

2. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Blogging assists SEO because search engines reward fresh content, so start blogging weekly. Not only does each blog serve as a new opportunity to be ranked by Google, but other websites may link to yours as a resource. Other published works like ebooks, whitepapers and spec sheets promote thought leadership. A solid inbound marketing strategy embraces content that makes customers come to you.

3. Encourage Sharing

Promote your new content via social media. As far as your web design goes, add social share buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to your site. Not only are customers more likely to do business with a company recommended to them by a friend (social media is the new “word of mouth”) but social shares give you SEO amplification.

4. Add Calls-To-Action

When embracing an inbound marketing strategy you first want prospects to find your site. But what happens after someone checks out a few pages? If there is an action your company wants customers to take, don't leave it to guesswork! Design for these goals.

For example, do you want prospects to sign up for a product demo? The website should lead them "down the path." Clear calls-to-action should appeal to the target audience, generating quality leads. Start by developing relevant offers for your top five most visited pages. Not sure what to offer? Take a series of blogs related to a particular subject and repackage them together as an ebook.

5. Collect Visitor Information

As alluded to above, calls-to-action grab the attention of a visitor, but how will you turn whitepaper downloads into a sale? Ebooks, coupons, and case studies are all items of value. Placing a form in front of your best content helps your company generate valuable, quality sales leads -- leads that you can follow up with and market to. Putting contact forms on key pages and designing landing pages should be priorities for your inbound website redesign.

A business’s website redesign should be more than an art project -- it should be a strategic marketing project that considers how to get found in search engines, converting visitors and lifting sales. Embrace inbound marketing and content strategies to ensure prospective customers see what you have to offer.

How Do You Know You Need An Inbound Website Redesign?

  • Do you rank on the first page of Google for your industry niche keywords?
  • Are you blogging on a regular basis?
  • Have you seen a regular monthly lift in visits and sales leads?
  • Do you have forms on your site besides “Contact Us?”

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