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HubSpot Sales Enablement Services

Is your sales process working against you? HubSpot sales enablement is the key to winning more business.

Do you know you’re losing opportunities, but can’t even pinpoint which ones? When your sales process is disorganized, labor-intensive and relies on self-reporting, it’s an ongoing struggle to win new customers. Our sales enablement services start with a focus on your toughest business challenges. We’ll define a clear process to convert more leads into customers and then automate it through HubSpot to make your team more efficient -- with reporting to prove results and inspire confidence. Let us help you sell more efficiently and effectively.

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Advantages of HubSpot Sales Enablement


Significantly increase your win rates


Stop letting deals fall through the cracks


Identify which leads convert -- and which don’t


Get organized and gain visibility end-to-end


Boost the efficiency of your sales team



The Benefits of HubSpot Sales Enablement


Refine and standardize your unique sales process across your entire organization


Always know -- and easily report to execs -- the status of every single opportunity


Ensure timely follow up with reminders and alerts for your sales team


Leverage automated sales email cadences for consistent lead nurture


Get organized, so you can spend your time actually closing deals


Use HubSpot Sales Hub to significantly improve your team’s efficiency


How We Align HubSpot with Your Sales Process

  • Define and refine your process, with a focus on your toughest business challenges
  • Determine how to best use email automation to streamline your sales process
  • Design or enhance automated sales email sequences based on that strategy
  • Set up email sending domains to ensure high email deliverability
  • Add HubSpot lead forms to turn your website into a lead generation machine
  • Implement HubSpot tracking code for insights into site visitor behavior
  • Import all contacts, companies and deals into the CRM for full visibility and tracking
  • Enable integrations between Salesforce and HubSpot
  • Build custom fields to seamlessly track unique aspects of your sales process
  • Create individual or team meeting links with Outlook or Google Suite integration, letting prospects book their own sales calls
  • Set up ROI-focused, real-time sales dashboards and reports
  • Deliver in-depth HubSpot training for sales managers and reps

Process & Cost

HubSpot Sales Enablement Services: Cost & Process

Rick Whittington giving a presentation on Sales EnablementWhen you work with us, your HubSpot sales enablement services are as unique as your sales process. We take the time to understand your business and your biggest challenges. After determining your goals and needs, we’ll do a detailed assessment of your current sales process. We’ll identify organizational gaps, including those related to reporting, and pinpoint areas that need to be standardized, improved or streamlined.

Then we design a tailored mix of services to drive efficiency and improve your win rate, using our HubSpot expertise to automate and track it all. You’ll end up with a clear, repeatable process that never lets an opportunity slip through your fingers, while delivering full visibility, end-to-end.

Since every HubSpot sales enablement engagement is different, there is no one-size-fits-all cost. On average, our clients spend around $7,500 for these services, but it can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000, depending on your needs and your budget.

Learn more about the specific services  that your engagement will include.

Case Studies

A Strategic Sales Process Improves Win Rate


Whittington Consulting...helped bring clarity and structure to our lead generation and nurturing. We never expected them to be as hands-on and to take the time to brainstorm with us, based on our other experiences with marketing consultants. There is no doubt that we would recommend them to anyone. Brian Barry, President

Increased Sales Follow-Up from 6% to 100% of Opportunities

Without a clearly defined sales process, the company struggled to reach the next level in spite of an excellent reputation. After digging in, we realized that they were only following up on about 6% of their leads. We focused on sales and marketing alignment, closely tying technology to their sales process, and delivered hands-on HubSpot CRM training. They now follow up with 100% of their opportunities via targeted email sequences, and using lead recapture and automated proposal follow-ups, their win rate has increased.

  • Consistent follow up on 100% of opportunities
  • Fully functional sales funnel
  • Actionable sales intelligence: visitor, prospect, and lead data

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Our Clients Say It Better Than We Can

Rick Whittington and his smart team at Whittington Consulting really know how to drive inbound leads to produce results. They have the ability to connect the website, marketing, and sales channels for an impactful engine to span all the customer touchpoints. The results they deliver bring the strategy, guidance, and execution businesses should be looking for in an inbound marketing partner. sales-enablement-testimonial-brad-kreutz Brad Kreutz,Cultivate

The Whittington team is very professional and highly knowledgeable. Their customer service is phenomenal. I highly recommend working with this company! sales-enablement-testimonial-christy-hall Christy Hall,Gather

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