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23 Jan 2014

3 Reasons the IT Department Shouldn’t Handle Your Web Design Project

IT pros in the server roomIt’s simple, really: the IT department exists to make sure that the technical operations within your company function smoothly, your network and your file servers never go down. They love computers, and they know code. And for that reason alone, many businesses pin the website redesign on the IT department.

While your IT department isn’t lacking in skills, when it comes to website design, they are lacking in expertise. Asking your IT department to take care of the company’s Internet presence can result in a website that doesn’t drive business or appeal to your prospective customers — better known as a “dud.” Here’s why.

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21 Jan 2014

3 Reasons People Abandon Your Website and What You Can Do About It

Is this mouse clicking away from your website?The goal of every website is to market your business effectively and to compel prospective customers to take action by contacting you. So, when you’ve put time and money into your website only to see your Key Performance Indicators take a hit, you’re left wondering “Is it me?”

Whether you’re concerned about an abysmal bounce rate, or you just can’t seem to entice the visitors who click around and read your website to follow up with any action, more often than not your website is at fault. Here are three reasons people abandon your website and what you can do about it.

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2 Jan 2014

Connecting the Dots: Three Important Reasons to Consolidate Your Web Presence Management

Bouys in the water - connect the dotsContent marketing. Social media. Website management. Website analytics. Paid search. Pay per click. The list goes on, because when you’re doing digital marketing right, there are a lot of moving pieces.

That’s where internet presence management firms come in.

The moving pieces should come together to create a successful web presence, but it can quickly get off track if you aren’t monitoring and managing it properly. Having a firm dedicated to connecting the dots and to helping you put your best foot forward online is what will bring you better results, faster.

Here are three important reasons to consolidate your web presence management with one firm.

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21 Nov 2013

Must-Read Modern B2B Sales Tips About the New Economy

Boring sales presentation

The traditional sales presentation will likely turn your prospect’s board room into a “bored” room, or worse.

A while back, I sat down with a B2B sales expert, Frank Belzer from Kurlan & Associates, who is an author and has a lifetime of experience in sales. I wanted to understand how websites impact the sales process, because if we were going to design and build websites that provide leads for sales people, I wanted to understand how we could make them better not only for a customer, but also for a sales person.

What I learned was truly amazing, and I want to share that with you today.  I heard living proof that times have changed, and that sales people have to learn how to cope with advancements in technology that make their prospects incredibly educated.

So what did I learn from the B2B sales expert?

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3 Sep 2013

Website Optimization: Four Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

Eraser: MistakeWhen customers arrive at your company website, there are two possibilities: they’ll either stick around, looking for something specific or engaging with your content, or they’ll quickly move on if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

It doesn’t take much time for a potential customer to abandon your website. As such, an important part of website optimization involves crafting landing pages that engage customers and generate leads. Start by avoiding these four common landing page mistakes that will turn customers away.

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21 Aug 2013

Inbound 2013: How to Design an Inbound Website

This session is all about how to design a inbound marketing focused website. The presenter is Joshua Porter, UX Director at HubSpot. Here’s what he had to say:

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