Industrial and manufacturing companies often feel like the ugly duckling -- providing valuable, vital resources and services to their customers, but lacking the online thrill and attention traditionally reserved for B2C companies.

In fact, many companies in the industrial and manufacturing space shy away from web technology, social media, and web marketing. But that’s a real shame, because a properly designed and marketed website can actually be an effective revenue generator.

How Industrial and Manufacturing Websites Generate Revenue

Customers of all kinds are looking for information online. And while manufacturers usually only present their line card, creating helpful information on the website can generate enough sales leads to keep them busy.

Because here’s the secret: if you’re successful in your industry, it’s because you have customers who think your business, your industry, and your approach is unique and interesting. And that means you have a lot to talk about online -- not just on sales calls.

Successful online marketing is storytelling about your business, and it works for every industry -- even the ones that don’t consider themselves all that sexy or ones who operate in tightly-defined niches. Sharing how your company solves customer problems, work you’ve done in the past, and what you can do for your customers in an engaging and magnetic way is great content for your website. It will attract and draw potential customers in, creating more sales opportunities for your business.

How to Generate Content for Industrial and Manufacturing Websites

Online marketing can be a challenge for industries that don’t think of themselves as Internet-friendly. But there’s a way to develop interesting, impactful content on any topic.

A time-tested solution? Think of your marketing department as journalists and help them tell interesting stories about your industry. Tell honest stories that are relevant to the customers who are seeking information in your industry and they will reward you with enthusiasm, loyalty, and leads.

Take a look at this blog post from one of our clients, Poly Processing. You'll recall the devastating chemical spill in West Virginia in January, 2014. Poly Processing is in the business of chemical storage, specifically manufacturing plastic tanks that store chemicals in a safe manner. Their team of experts have years of experience in the field, and recently published an article about the lessons learned from that West Virginia chemical spill. You can see how this might be a particular hot topic for people interested in chemical storage, which are their potential customers.

Social Media Marketing for Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

Social media marketing is another area many B2B businesses struggle with. But don’t give up on social media just because your product or service doesn't have wide consumer appeal. It’s important that you spend time researching where your customers are spending time online so you know where to focus your efforts.

Are you looking to connect with high-level managers? LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with potential decision makers and people who can refer your company to potential customers. You may find that your customers using more visual tools like SlideShare, Pinterest, or Instagram. Consider how your customers interact on the Internet. Wherever your prospective customers are is where you want to be.

Eighty-six percent of consumers research a purchase online before making the final choice. Offering your customers an opportunity to learn more about your business and benefit from your industry insight is a powerful way to earn the sale.

How to attract and sell to more customers using your website