pocketwatch Has the time come for a website redesign?
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Why redesign your website?

Just like hairstyles, width of ties, and length of hemlines, things change. What looked new and hip yesterday, looks old and tired today.

The same is true of websites. Website design and functions tend to have a short shelf life. Even a site that looked fresh with all the bells and whistles in the late 2000's could very well miss the mark today.

Things change fast online. Business is more competitive than ever.

What must your website deliver today?

Leads. Qualified leads that you can convert into paying customers.

To compete today, your business website must be a 24/7/365 lead generating machine. If it's not, it's simply a business expense.

Let's look at why a website redesign makes sense.

Why Redesign a Website?

1. More Visitors, More Leads, Increased Customers

This is reason number one. Regardless of the colors and graphics used, your business website must produce results. Would Donald Trump fire your current website?

Do you have landing pages or opt-in forms to capture leads? Do they stand out on your site? Do you have the ability to publish lead forms and landing pages for new offers such as webinars, customer guides, ebooks or consultations?

2. Cluttered First Impression

Most of us bounce around online without really paying attention to design that works. Good site design allows the content to shine through.

While you may think your design is a work of art and looks cool, bad design gets in the way of your message and confuses visitors and readers. What are your web analytics telling you? Are you seeing targeted traffic quickly bail on your site?

3. Confusing Navigation

People online are impatient. They want to get to information fast. Making it easy for your readers to navigate your site and find what they want is vital.

4. Images and Colors Don't Connect with Your Target Audience

Your visitors will make an unconscious decision about your business in a split second. The clip art image on your homepage isn't going to impress them and declare your business as different.

Color sets a mood in the prospect's mind. Do the colors on your website match your logo and support the impression of the product or service you offer? For example, an insurance agent or financial planner will wisely stay clear of reds and yellows because they indicate danger and caution. The interior designer may use reds and yellows to demonstrate dramatic flair.

5. It Isn't Mobile Friendly

Simply put, if you're a local business and your website isn't mobile friendly, you are losing business. According to Google, 60% of people will bail on a mobile un-friendly site.

On the flip side, over 50% of people are more likely to purchase from a business who DOES have a mobile friendly website.

Browsing and shopping on mobile devices and tablets is mainstream. Today, your site must be mobile friendly.

So, why redesign a website? If your outdated website doesn't capture leads, if the design is getting in the way of the visitor experience, and your site isn't mobile friendly, it's time for an update.

A website redesign is not an art project. Download this web design questionnaire to plan it right.
How much more business could your company get by refreshing your website?