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Learn a system to modernize your sales and marketing to win more customers.

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You've heard that you can transform your website into a lead generation and business development tool. But how? We call it the Transformative Marketing ProcessTMOur one-day, on-site inbound marketing and sales workshop will help you get a much better understanding of what modern buyers expect from your company and how you can sell more effectively to them. We'll discuss:

  • How modern cultural changes have impacted the marketing and sales process
  • How to use your website to build awareness and get new business contacts
  • How connecting your website to a CRM can help you gather sales intelligence you didn't know existed
  • How a digital strategy can help reach or exceed business goals

Need an inbound marketing and sales strategy? This workshop will help engage both management and practitioners to establish a baseline understanding of next steps.

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Getting Everyone on the Same Page

As a practitioner, you understand the value of online marketing. Selling the idea to management is another story.

In one of our workshops, we get management and practitioners in the room together and discuss these concepts in plain language.

Through interactive discussion and conversation, we're able to give people a common understanding of why inbound marketing and sales meets the needs of today's buyer and practical tips to implement it at your organization.

Basing a Digital Strategy Off Business Goals

The second half of our workshop is an interactive session where management team members can share specific business goals, and we put those goals in the context of a marketing funnel. During this time, we transform business goals into inbound marketing and sales goals, and touch on what tactics must be present to achieve those results.

Whether companies have written, specific goals or not, this discussion helps us create reasonable goals and identify gaps.

What to Expect in a Workshop

Here's a sample agenda for a typical workshop. 

9:00a Introductions
9:30a What is Transformative Marketing?
10:00a A Website As a Profit Center
10:30a Marketing Automation that Connects
11:00a CRM as a Sales Enablement Tool
11:30a The Fuel: Customer Focused Content

12:00p Lunch/Break

12:30p  Competitive Review
1:00p Goal Setting
2:00p Break (Whittington Consulting forms a high-level plan to solve)
2:30p Next Steps and Q&A
3:00p What Digital Marketing Success Looks Like
3:30p Back to Work

What Does a Workshop Cost?

Up to 5 of your team members: $5,000 plus travel expenses. Please inquire for pricing for more than 5 team members.

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