As a follow-up to my last post, "When Google rankings affect your small business' bottom line," I wanted to provide some real data for my claim that a web site can get a significant increase in traffic by paying for search engine advertising even though they have a #1 search engine ranking for their niche search term.

My client is currently #1 in Google for their niche phrase, which is a moderately-competitive two-word search phrase. The client's web site has always been in the top 5 results for this phrase, and just recently re-gained the #1 ranking.

The client also pays for a Google Adwords ad for the exact two-word phrase that they are currently ranked #1 for.

In the last week, the client has gotten 59 visits from the #1 Google ranking, and the client has gotten 54 visits from the paid Google ad. You can see that the client nearly doubled their web site traffic from this niche search term by paying for advertising. What's more is that the paid ad had a 6.78% conversion rate, proving that people not only clicked -- they bought.