Need a Google Adwords tip? Here's one -- small tweaks to your ad copy can significantly improve results. A recent blog post by MindValley Labs proves that even a small change can dramatically raise your clickthrough rates.

The tip is to place an ellipsis ("...") at the end of the final line of ad copy. The idea behind this concept is that customers see the ellipsis and infer that more information can be found by clicking the ad. For instance, "Get More Information..." should generate more interest than just "Get More Information" without the ellipsis.

I've tested this concept over the last week, and did see a dramatic improvement in clickthrough rate. The ad without the ellipsis had a 1.92% clickthrough rate, while the ad that included the ellipsis garnered a 5.26% clickthrough rate. All other wording and capitalization between the two ads were the same, so the ellipsis was the variable that made the difference.

You can read more about the ellipsis test at the MindValley Labs blog post.