I'm seeing a trend lately with new Google Adwords accounts and wanted to share my findings and get your feedback.

Back on January 11, I set up a Google Adwords account for a new client. We went all out, writing multiple ads for testing purposes, splitting the keywords into similar groups and targeting the ads geographically.

The results, at first, were poor. The campaign got one or two clicks the first couple of days, then went for days without a click. We decided to raise the bids significantly and write landing pages for each ad group that were designed to be highly relevant to the Google Adwords ads to drive conversion.

After we employed a more aggressive bidding strategy and directed ads to landing pages, the clicks started coming in, and just this week we're seeing much better results. I'm unsure of what factor (the landing pages or the higher bids) had the biggest impact.

I recently read that advertisers should expect to bid higher at first to get desired results. This is good advice for all of you starting new Adwords campaigns. The folks over at MindValley Labs blogged earlier in the month that new advertisers "get crushed" when employing the same bidding strategies as an established advertiser, and they backed it up with test results.

My advice for those starting a new Google advertising campaign is to a) write and design your landing pages before you activate your campaign and b) start keyword bids higher than normal while also setting daily budgets high. Monitor your campaign closely, and if you're getting a high clickthrough rate, test the effect on clickthrough rate of backing off of your bids gradually.