WebProNews is a site I discovered a few months ago, and their video coverage of the latest Search Engine Strategies conference is very good. Their newest video is an interview with two smart marketers with two first names, Allan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath and Brian Mark of ToolBarn.com. Both of these sites started as small online businesses and now are among the top 500 internet retailers, so if you own a small ecommerce site or want to start one, you should take 15 minutes to listen to the interview.

Dick and Mark discuss many search-related ecommerce marketing strategies they use in their day-to-day ecommerce businesses, and they make some great points about the following:

  • Using Google Adwords as a research tool to find top converting phrases as input to an SEO campaign
  • How both companies handle local search and retailing to local markets
  • Retailers' perspective on social media and working with niche bloggers
  • Advice for a budding online retailer -- "Be open to trying everything"

I don't want to give it all away, so check out the video.