Larry Chase has released his top 10 trends in internet marketing for the next 10 years. While some of the top 10 are pie-in-the-sky, there are a few practical trends I'd like to discuss here. If you'd see all 10, please read the article.

The concept of pay-per-call is Larry's number one, and the advent of pay-per-call marketing is on the horizon now. For those of you that might not be familiar with pay-per-call, this marketing form is where a marketer puts an ad up and pays for a call, not a click or an impression.

Pay-per-call is going to be huge for internet marketers, especially for my real estate clients. You see, a phone call is much more valuable than an online click (and will probably be a lot more expensive to the marketer) because of the personal interaction. Pay-per-call could even be huge for online retailers. Whether an online retailer has a trained call center or a simply a sales clerk accepting phone calls, customers that call are much more likely to purchase since humans can close sales better than web sites. Average order size is likely to increase also as customers call.

The other trend of note is that email marketing will not die. I happen to believe this. As retailers continue to learn how to market effectively while adhering to CAN-SPAM legislation, users will be savvier when it comes to controlling spam. I've been in the email marketing business for over 5 years, and I've seen sales increase year-over-year from email, even with the CAN-SPAM regulations.