I recently read some advice from a fellow website effectiveness consultant that recommended the use of pop-up windows to advertise sales or generate email newsletter subscriptions. While most designers detest these, they are very effective. The common argument you'll hear executives and designers make is that most people block pop-up windows. In fact, research shows that less than 10% of web users block pop-up windows.

Pop-up windows are great tools to have in your marketing arsenal since they are so effective and inexpensive to implement. Pop-ups can be used to bring attention to sales/promotions, recover abandoned shopping carts, lure users back after they exit your web site, generate leads/email newsletter subscribers and much more.

Why not test them on your site? I will be providing a case study on pop-ups in the coming week or two. I'll be running a test on a client site, the goal of which will be to collect email addresses for the email newsletter list. After the test is complete, I will report the method, process and results of the test.