Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Real, quantifiable results from our clients' websites and digital marketing.

The reason we're in business is to help companies like yours grow reliably. Steadily. Predictably.

We implement digital marketing programs that help your business build thought leadership, get more awareness, more leads, and ultimately more business. We work in the full marketing funnel - from attracting someone for the first time, to sales followup that encourages someone to take action.

Take a look at some of the results we've seen recently from inbound marketing for our clients below. If you'd like to discuss how we might work with your company, please contact us here for a short, preliminary conversation.

  • Manufacturer relaunches website and implements an inbound marketing program and achieves an 84% increase in website visits from search engines, which then equated to a 383% increase in leads from their website. The company realizes $9.38 in revenue from each $1 spent on inbound marketing.
  • We redesigned a website for a consulting firm and they saw a 59% increase in leads the first month with the new website.
  • Parts manufacturer redesigns their website, implements an inbound marketing campaign and consistently gets over 120 new business inquiries each month. They closed six figures in sales within the first three months. In the four years that we've worked with this company, we've grown website visitors from 4,000 per month to over 12,000 per month. Visits from search engines have increased by a factor of nearly 16x, and we have generated over 4,000 personally-identifiable sales leads for their business development team.
  • Economic development organization increases their website visits by 12% with a monthly targeted email to site selectors.
  • We redesigned a website for a consulting firm and since their website relaunch, personally-identifiable leads coming from their website have increased 855% year over year (from 9 per month to 86 per month). We help this company determine their core message on their company blog and help them create and send blog posts and emails (they write the blog post drafts and we optimize for SEO and lead generation).
  • Manufacturing company was spending $1,000 per month on a Google Adwords campaign with a company specializing in PPC.  Their cost per lead, on average, was $333.  We re-structured their paid search campaign to send people to content we’d created for inbound marketing and lowered their cost per lead to $35 within 2 months.  Overall, the cost per lead for their inbound marketing campaign is $12.
  • Cloud-based software company sees a 24% increase in website visitors from search engines in just 4 months using our SEO and content marketing services. We were able to close 19% more free trials, too, using an automated email sequence to trial users of the software.
  • Specialty medical practice starts a business blog and sees a 58% increase in visits from search engines year over year.
  • Tourism organization relaunches their website and visits from search engines goes up by 294%.

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